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Using a Birthday Gift Certificate Template to Make a Last-Minute Additional Gift


Preparing a birthday gift for someone’s birthday party? Don’t make your gift boring. Combine your gift with a birthday gift certificate to enhance the joy that your gift brings. Styled just like a formal certificate, a birthday gift certificate brings an out of the box impression. If you are lacking in creating a design, don’t worry. You can find a birthday gift certificate template to work with. You can also add personalized photos, ornaments, texts, and change the color schemes to fit your liking. Well, are you still unsure about using the template? Below are some information related to the certificate template making.

What to write in a Birthday Gift Certificate Template?


Interestingly enough, while the design of a birthday gift certificate template may resemble one of your training completion certificates, the content is very different. Then, what can you find in that template?

  1. That ‘certificate’ writing

It seems like there is no certificate without that certificate title, doesn’t it? Even in a birthday gift certificate, this is crucial. That’s why you can see this in a template.

  1. Spaces to write down the gift receiver name

Another pivotal aspect you can find is that space provided to mention the receiver’s name. Without a name, the certificate will be useless – nothing special.

  1. Spaces for personal message

This is where the template brings a more personalized touch. This space is customizable and the sender can add some message they want to convey. Whether it is written in a casual way or formal one, it’s one’s choice!


Download Birthday Gift Certificate Template


It’s just like downloading any files from the internet – so easy and less hassle.


  • First, you should search for the template on the search engine. Type ‘birthday gift certificate template’ as a keyword.
  • Then, you can see the searching results. Pick one.
  • Browse through the site and find one that suits your liking pretty well.
  • Download the free template file and determine where you’d like to save the file.

Why You Should Use a Birthday Gift Certificate Template


Oftentimes, you forget to prepare much for someone’s birthday, and you may feel that the gift you are going to present is not that good. A birthday gift certificate can help you to make the gift feels special. But without enough time, it seems impossible to make a nice design, right? Therefore, to help you with that, a template is available.

Dos and Don’ts While Using A Birthday Gift Certificate Template



  • Prepare some short message for the receiver to make the certificate looks personalized
  • Use a thick paper to print it
  • Do some customization if you like
  • Save the template for future use


  • Print the paper in black and white. Make it colorful, bring happiness through the colors.
  • Write too long message which results in unreadable text (too full)
  • Using tiny font size. This will make the birthday gift certificate difficult to read
  • Use any images (non-royalty-free) from the internet for an additional illustration/image in the birthday gift certificate template. There are many sites that offer royalty-free images, and illustrations, so it should not be hard to find one without violating copyrights.


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