10+ Thanksgiving Menu free template in PSD


Interesting and Elegant Thanksgiving Menu Template Designs

Restaurant can make special menu for Thanksgiving. For such purpose, Thanksgiving menu template is ready. It contains the layout and background that are designed for special occasion, such as Thanksgiving. You can see the elegant and attractive style that’s unique and different from regular menu.

You can use this template only during Thanksgiving or related event. Even though the foods may not much change, restaurant should put something extra. It will make customers feel special.

Thanksgiving Menu Template Idea

The idea of this template comes from situation when Thanksgiving is something that’s worth to remember. People go dinner in the restaurant to celebrate this special moment. Instead of regular menu, it is time to deliver something they do not experience before.

Thanksgiving Menu Template Components

The next section will explore the components you often find on Thanksgiving menu template. Keep in mind menu is not just for restaurant, but also for other businesses that include the food and beverage.


It is called Thanksgiving menu due to its title. You may only put “Thanksgiving” as the main title. On the other side, some restaurants provide unusual title just for one night. As long as the title represents the Thanksgiving, you can use any words and sentences.

Thanksgiving background

Regular menu is just a plain design with minor background. Thanksgiving is the best time for trying something unusual. As the result, you see background on the new menu with more impressive and attractive layout. If this idea receives utmost appreciation, you may consider to implement it during weekend or holiday.

List of foods with explanation

The menu is not complete without section for the list of foods and drinks. You can use some layouts and compositions. The foods are listed with center alignment. You can read it from the top to bottom.

Menu category

You have several menus, and adding them into category is the right arrangement. For example, you can make three distinct sections for appetizer, main course, and dessert. Another one is the menu which consists of steak, salad, cake, and anything. They are not in the same group.

Thanksgiving Menu Template Format

You can make such menu for restaurant on plain paper. Enlist all foods and drinks with additional explanation and price. The menu is ready, and you can add title called Thanksgiving menu to make it special. However, if you do not like common thing during special occasion, the format for Thanksgiving menu template can be made by using platform related to graphic design.

Thanksgiving Menu Template Benefits

You can use this template to get some benefits. Restaurant owners may do not have time for preparing menu card. It is not something they will do. Moreover, the kitchen is busy, but the menu represents the business to attract more guests. The template is solution since you can make the menu card easily and quickly.

The files on Thanksgiving menu template are available in various styles. You just pick the one that’s compatible with your restaurant. Fine dining has distinct menu when compared to food joint. Both celebrate Thanksgiving, but the style and layout for their menu is based on their concept.





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