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School Newsletter Templates to Download for Free


School newsletter templates are often sought by those working at public relation in any schools, starting from kindergarten to higher types of school like colleges. The newsletters is used to spread news and information about the school. These are some templates that you need to use when making the newsletter so that you can make sure that the newsletter is dashing eventually.

School Newsletter Templates Function


The function of the school newsletter templates is to provide the essential elements for the newsletter. That way, all you have to do to complete the newsletter is just inserting the news and change the school information from the template. This is why some people prefer to use template as they are quicker to provide a well-designed template.

School Newsletter Templates Key Elements


There are some keys elements for the newsletter. They are:


  • School Information

As the newsletter is usually done for promotional effort for the school, the school information should be displayed on the newsletters.


  • What’s New

The content of the newsletter must be the news happen at the school or the achievements done by the students at that particular school.

  • Galleries

Insert some pictures about the school, particularly the one related to the news stated on the newsletter. It will make the newsletter more interesting.


  • Contact Person

There must be some kind of contact person for people to call when they want to ask questions about the school. State the contact person on the newsletter.


School Newsletter Templates Examples


If you need some examples for the newsletter, some of them are available down below:


High School Newsletter

This is the design for high school newsletter. It look less whimsical but still fun for teenage students to read. It looks great, too, for their parents to receive.


Medical School Newsletter

When the school is a medical school, usually the template will look more like a brochure or flyers. They are more on the promotional side rather than on a news side.

Elementary School Newsletter

The design for elementary school newsletter must be different and colorful, like this one over here, as the one reading them will be kids and their parents as well.


College Newsletter

This is the example and design for a college newsletter. It looks like magazine and it is just as sophisticated as college is.


School Newsletter Templates Formats


The format for newsletter is usually in designing tool types. However, in simpler school newsletter templates, they can also be made in Microsoft Word and PDF. However, if you are about to insert more pictures, the format will be better if they are in PSD format or other format like inDesign and Corel Draw (CDR) format. They will be providing more editing tools to get the newsletter right.


For those who need to make the newsletter at school or anywhere else, get the templates right there and then start making your own newsletter. With the help of the school newsletter templates, the job will be done in no time at all.


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