10+ High School Diploma template free psd

High School Diploma Template Design and Layout

Students receive diploma certificate after graduation. It contains necessary information, such as school name, student name, date and period, and logo. This kind of certificate is a legal document. If you want to make this one, high school diploma template will be useful as reference.

The diploma contains statement that students have passed all courses and examinations then deserve the graduation. However, it is not transcript because it does not provide information about the grade. For such thing, you need different document.

High School Diploma Template Purposes

The purpose of this template is the school can prepare the diploma effectively and efficiently. Usually, you see the same designs and layouts since decade ago. This is bad thing but having fresh style will make the diploma looks elegant and excellent. On the other hand, you cannot just change the design with the relevant reference. This is when you rely on high school diploma template.

You can also use the template as the key file before it is printed with complete name and components. Imagine you write with your hand one by one. With the template, necessary information is already on the computer. Therefore, you just adjust few setting, and it is ready.

High School Diploma Template Idea and Design

To understand high school diploma template better, you may learn from its components. In general, there is not much difference between diploma from one school and others. With few modifications, you can get unique sign that distinguishes from common design.


The title uses certain words, such as certificate of graduation or anything similar. This part is already fixed based on regulation. The school cannot change it, unless there is flexibility. The template provides some options regarding the tile variation.

School name

The next component is school name. This is something you cannot forget. This provides enough space for complete school name. Make sure you write the right one. Due to the flexibility, one mistake is not big issue since you can only delete and start again.


Student name

Student name is another key component on this template. This part usually has bigger and bolder font than others. The name has to be clear and complete.


Date and period

The diploma has date and period to indicate when the graduation occurs. This part is extra information to make everything is in the proper order.


Logo and signature

As legal document, you need section to justify and legalize the content. For such purpose, the template has logo and signature sections. The logo is usually for stamp or anything to formalize. The signature is for school principal who has responsibility to bestow the graduation.

High School Diploma Template Formats

Most of formats for this template are compatible with software like Photoshop. You just open the file, and edit few thing. Some files are available for Word and PDF.  Just pick the format that you are familiar with, especially regarding the software.

High School Diploma Template Layout

The layout for high school diploma template tends to be fixed with certain setting and margin. It is intended for printed one. However, you can change and make some exceptions, as long as the content and component are still in the right place.



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