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The Free Cleaning Schedule Template for Everyone


A cleaning schedule template is needed in every place. When it is the hygiene that becomes number one priority, cleaning must come on top. These are the templates about cleaning schedule and there is extra information about the template on the explanation down below. Use them all for free and you won’t have to make the schedule on your own.

Cleaning Schedule Template Usage


The usage of the cleaning schedule template is usually to make sure that a place is get cleaned properly and everyone working as the janitor or handyman can find out the exact cleaning schedule. They should know where to go and what to clean just by looking at the schedule. This is why the template is incredibly important to download and use.

Cleaning Schedule Template Types


Several common types of the template are down below:


  • Hourly Cleaning Schedule

When a place is a super dirty one, such as school hall or cafeteria, they have to get cleaned every single hour. You need hourly cleaning schedule.


  • Daily Cleaning Schedule

This is the schedule to take care of the turn for cleaning altered day by day. Usually it applies to an office or a home cleaning.

  • Weekly Cleaning Schedule

If a place is not that dirty, cleaning can be done once in a week. The schedule to use is this one, a weekly cleaning schedule.


  • Monthly Cleaning Schedule

Sometimes, a place, mostly a commercial place and a rarely-used one, is cleaned only once in a month. The schedule for this one exists, of course.


Cleaning Schedule Template Examples


These are the examples of the download that you can use for free:


School Cleaning Schedule

If the cleaning schedule is for a school, the template can be found right here. It shows which parts of the building needs cleaning up every day.


Home Cleaning Schedule

A busy home owner won’t have time to make their own schedule. This is why the template for a home cleaning can be found right here.

Office Cleaning Schedule

There are cleaning service persons in an office and they rely on a schedule like this one to find out where and what to clean in the whole office building.


Restaurant Cleaning Schedule

There are tons of things to clean up in a restaurant, they are including the dining are and the kitchen. They will have to clean the storage room, too. That is the reason to own a schedule.


Cleaning Schedule Template Format


The format for cleaning schedule template is basically up to you. As the design of the schedule won’t be that complicated, it will be all right if you use Microsoft Word or other simple document-making tool to edit the template. This is why you should choose the doc format or the PDF format. They are easier to use.

Now you know the information as well as templates for the schedule. Making the schedule from nothing won’t be necessary anymore. Simply lean on the cleaning schedule template and you can make the schedule in no time at all.

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