10+ Weekly Lesson Plan free psd template

Extensive Weekly Lesson Plan Template for Teachers

Weekly lesson plan template is a comprehensive pre-made document that’s designed specifically for teachers to help class program. The plan may contain things, such as daily targets and achievement. It is also often used as a record to present the class’ weekly output to the supervisor. Using a template is definitely going to make the whole planning thing goes easier. Moreover, the template is available to download for free.

Detailed Weekly Lesson Plan Template

Weekly lesson plan template provides format to help teacher planning what to teach and what to do over a week period. The weekly planning is usually created as derivative from the annual long-term lesson planning. However, there is a difference between both: while long-term planning contains brief outline of learning program, the weekly one is typically more specific in nature by including detailed objectives, activities, and schedule for each subject or class for the week.

Weekly Lesson Plan Template Elements

There are four essential components that must be included in a weekly lesson plan:

Education standard

The curriculum is commonly created by combining national or state standards and local standards. By keeping track of both of these standards, the teacher might be able to understand, deliver, and assess the lesson to students better.


Lesson objectives

By establishing detailed goals and targets for each subject and each grade, the chance to make them achievable is becoming greater. The objectives that you set must be directly tied to the standard. Only then, you’d be able to assess effectiveness of lesson how the students receive it.

Choosing suitable materials

In this part, you have to prepare how to deliver the lesson. Some of most commonly used types of lesson materials are textbooks, visual aids, handouts, computers, and so many more. The types of material chosen depend on what is being taught, how it is going to be taught, and how the objectives will be measured.


Assessment method

Just like the material types, the kind of methods used will vary for each lesson. There are plenty of ways to do assessing measurement, such as quizzes, essay writing assignments, presentation projects, or homework.

Weekly Lesson Plan Template Format

The teaching lesson approach will vary between teachers. Some may prefer teaching more theoretical material while others focus interactive sessions. No matter which method you prefer more, the plan must be maintained well to deliver properly scheduled lessons to the students,

The weekly lesson plan template that available here offers varying options that you can select, to find the plan format that will fit your teaching style the best. These templates are really handy to use, as it covers different aspects of the lesson that mentioned above such as the standards and the materials.

Download Weekly Lesson Plan Template

The weekly lesson plan template is a great free resource for all teachers that need it. The best part about using these templates besides being cost effective is that you don’t need to spend effort to make it from scratch. You can also create multiple plans for several weeks by making copies of it.

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