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Wedding Thank You Card Template in Splendid Designs

You invite guests to attend your wedding. They come and give the gifts. To show your gratitude, you need to send the thank you note. This kind of note is common from newlywed as appreciation because someone has a time to be in the wedding. For such purpose, wedding thank you card template is the best reference that you should have.

Wedding Thank You Card Template Layout

The layout of wedding thank you card template consists of the main part, decoration, and extra section. The main part is in the center where you write the note directly. This area is clean with less decoration. To make the note elegant and attractive, you need decoration that’s usually on the outer of frame.

Wedding Thank You Card Template Components

The following section enlists components you can find on wedding thank you card template. Make sure you make the right note before sending it directly.

Main background

The template has he main background with splendid decoration. You can see the pattern on the corner that’s similar to wedding invitation. In fact, you can use the same style. The background should be on the edge and keep the center clean for writing or text.

“thank you” title

You should add title with “thank you”. This is necessary for quick identification. People will know the content, and read it thoroughly.

Thank you note

After the title, you can write thank you note. It expresses your gratitude because the guests come to celebrate the wedding. The template has two options either you write on your own or rely on the ready-made thank you note. Make sure the words are natural like something you usually speak.

Writer or sender

The next part is writer or sender. In this part, you see where the card comes from. The name is for the bride and groom.

Date, time, and place

The note also includes the date and time with the place. It is time when the note is written. Usually, recipients do not care much as long as the name is already on the note. For formality, adding the date and time is preferable.

Wedding Thank You Card Template Format

In general, everyone can make this note easily. You just need relevant writing, and put into one note. The format is less formal, but it keeps the word with the proper grammar. You can choose casual thank note with friendly tone if the recipients are your close relatives or friends.

Wedding Thank You Card Template Benefits

You can choose template for creating thank card because of some reasons. With the template, you can replicate the same note without changing the style and layout. It is digital format that you can open with editing software. To create the personal touch, you can also put the name of friends or guests. This is necessary when you have the deep relationship with them.


Another benefit is various styles. You can make special notes for close friends. On the other side, common guests just receive the standard thank you note. With wedding thank you card template, you can pick some options with different style. Each is for specific purpose.


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