10+ Teacher Resume Template


Teacher Resume Template

There are still numerous interests in being a teacher. Sharing knowledge and stories with the students while learning is a delightful experience that is never attained in another field. Applying for a job as a teacher could be challenging since there are so many competitors looking for the same aim. One of many ways to pave your path towards the success of being hired as a teacher is by attaching a pleasing teacher resume template.

Either you are seeking an experienced level or an entry-level, you may found that you have to create a recent resume that is relevant to the recent experience and qualifications. You may try to utilize an editable teacher resume template to build your resume to effectively cut the time of building your resume. Remember to modify the required fields to suit your relevant information.

Teacher Resume Sample

To provide assistance and reference to your resume, below is a teacher resume sample you may employ:

Katherine Ferytszal Quentin

Personal Info

Phone  : (999) 785-958-1564

Email   : kf.quentin@gmail.com


Experienced primary school teacher with 3 years experience in dealing withfourth and fifth grade students that has exquisite confidence to speak in front of the students and dealing well with various conflicts seeking for an opportunity to teach in Ramsdale Primary School. Working efficiently in a group and individually and is able to motivate the students to perform well are another key success that I want to implement to the students.


Classroom Teacher


  • Maximillian Primary School
  • Formulating lesson plans, teaching media, and assessments for the fourth and fifth graders.
  • Perform teaching, and assessing English to the fourth and fifth graders.
  • Bringing in “English please” culture in which on a certain day, the students have to speak in English within the entire day.
  • Provide supervision and guidance to the class.


University of Exeter

Teaching English as Foreign Language


GPA: 3.5

Relevant Coursework: Formulating lesson plan, teaching media, and assessments for the young learners.

Membership: Member of Street English Teaching community


Key Skills:

  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Confidence to speak in front of students
  • Dealing well with conflict
  • Working efficiently individually and together in a group
  • Able to motivate the students
  • Exquisite organizational skills
  • Capable to give feedbacks
  • Mastery in pronunciation, vocabularies, grammars, and 4 main skills of English


  • Top 10 Inspiring English Teacher 2019 by English Teacher Community


  • English
  • Spanish

How To Write A Teacher Resume

Below are provided several steps to be followed in writing the appealing teacher resume:

  • Always include and highlight the relevant education and certifications
  • Define what kind of job you want to do in the new school
  • Add your featured ‘expensive’ achievements and accomplishments
  • Mention your technical proficiency
  • Mention your unique capabilities.
  • Consider using bullet points
  • Always review, and proofread from grammatical errors

What To Include In A Teacher Resume

To make your resume professionally regarded, you have to include the things listed below:

  • Include the entire relevant teaching experience
  • Emphasize the education and credentials
  • Highlight your essential and unique skills
  • Mention accomplishments and achievements, make sure it is not duties.

What Skills Should A Teacher Put Within Their Resume

The following skills are the recent and most wanted skills for a teacher. It would be great if you could possess them and include them in your resume.

  • Creative conflict resolution
  • Huge patience
  • Critical-thinking oriented
  • Fluid Communication
  • Well-Organized
  • Imaginative and creative
  • Strong leadership
  • Able to perform good teamwork
  • Have a good time management
  • Technology utilization

What Are The Professional Competencies of Being A Teacher

Listed below the matters which are considered as professional competencies for a teacher:

  • Able to produce a learning environment
  • Able to assess the students
  • Capable of doing identification of student needs
  • Capable of performing various teaching strategies
  • Good vision and able to plan and create a lesson plan, teaching media, and many other teaching requirements
  • Interact with the students well
  • Pleased to collaborate with everyone
  • Indicating strong commitment to the profession

What Is The Best Resume Format To Apply For A Teacher Job

There are three types of best resume formats to apply for a teaching profession. They are Chronological, Functional, and Hybrid. You may use them at your convenience, but make sure it is relevant to you. However, no matter any format you use, you have to include contact information, summary, work experience, skills, and education. Choose chronological if you want to highlight your most recent position, and choose functional if you want to showcase your accomplishments. Instead, use a hybrid format if you want to blend both of them.

Kinds of Teacher Resume Template

There are abundant of the teaching profession. For instance, there is a math teacher, English teacher, Junior grader teacher, etc. You may select the most suitable resume which is relevant to your needs and situation. Below are several kinds of teacher resume template could be used for your application.

Arabic Teacher Resume Template

This kind of template encompasses a professional and Arabic-like style that would suit our needs. It comes with simple formatting and elegant decors which makes the template simply attractive.

Art Teacher Resume Template

Merging the professional and gorgeous artistic resume into a unity is a possibility. This two-columned template brings art into a resume without comprising professional and essential matters.

Chinese Teacher Resume Template

Incorporating the colors of related things, this resume template brings an eye-catching look to the resume. It is still deemed as a professional style with columns and bullet points.

Athletic Teacher Resume Template

Combining the strong colors and minimalist resume, this template must be a reasonable option for an athletic teacher. In addition, to provide a sporty look, it looks professional with bullet point detail and horizontal line sections.

Elementary School Teacher Resume Template

Energetic and colorful. The template incorporates well-placed color picks and sections. The best option if you want to showcase and highlight your information with ease.

English Teacher Resume Template

If you are looking for modern and professional-style resume templates for an English teaching job, this is the answer. The section, page borders, columns, and other details are compiled perfectly to highlight your resume.

Pre-School Teacher Resume Template

Begin your path to shine to grab your dream job with this template. Cheerful and modern coloring with a professional sectioning resume would make your resume stand out from the other candidates.

Professional Teacher Resume Template

Highlighting recent and precious experience and proficiency is an essential matter for professionals. Utilize this resume template to increase your chance of winning the job.

Business Teacher Resume Template

Deal with the modern and elegant look with a standardized style resume. Employs perfect sectioning and bullet point to well-emphasize your information properly.

Biological Science Teacher Resume Template

Putting a minimalist yet elegant style within a resume. Perfect for a science field job. Through well-placed columns, boxes, and rating-style for skills information would make your resume regarded as ‘unique’ than the others.


Teacher Resume Template Sample


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