10+ Teacher Resume Example


Teacher Resume Example

Are you figuring out how to make your teacher resume more appealing? We can assist you with a little help on this page, which you can also find the best teacher resume examples here.

As a teacher candidate, you will deal with the formal situation and mostly academic institutions as well as the administrators. This is the reason why creating a professional resume for teachers can sometimes become more challenging, especially for new graduates. Don’t worry! Here you can also find a sample resume for teachers without experience.

Sample of Teacher Resume

Here is a sample teacher resume example which you can reedit or at least help you figure out how you should make a good one:

Colt Griece

Personal Info:

Phone: (787)878-898-890

Email: colt.griece@gmail.com


Highly dedicated individual with 3 years experience in teaching English to young learners. I have graduated with a bachelor’s degree from English Department (3.8/4.0) with TESOL certification willing to contribute to ABC school to provide the best and fun English teaching for kids.


English Teacher

Palm Kids School, California


  • Developing teaching method, teaching media, and lesson plan
  • Creating assessment for students
  • Conducting an effective teaching and learning condition
  • Assisting students in doing the class assignments

Teacher Assistant

Kumon, Hamilton


  • Assisting students to follow the class flow such as listening to the CD well, making sure they read aloud and making sure they do the task on time
  • Distributing worksheets based on the students level
  • Checking the student’s work and guiding them on how to do the correction.
  • Assisting students in doing oral check right after finishing the assignments in the class or submitting the homework


Catarina School Of Teacher

Hamilton, Indiana


GPA: 3.8

Relevant Coursework: Introduction To Teaching English As A Foreign Language In Developing Country

Membership: StritKidz Teacher Community

Key Skills

  • Leadership
  • Time management
  • Analytical thinking
  • Creative
  • Reporting
  • Interpersonal


  • Best Intern In Hamilton Santo Yusef School, 2017
  • Favorite Essay In National Competition Of How To Become A Good Teacher In The Developing Country, 2019


  • English
  • French
  • Mandarin

How To Write A Resume for A Teacher?

With the high competition among candidates, it is clear that you have to make your profile outstanding. One of the best ways is to know what to write in your resume. If you are still figuring out how to do it, here are some list you might need to check:

Highlight the educational background as well as credential

In writing a teacher resume, the key point is to highlight your educational background and credential. Add these details to the top of your documents, and even mention them in your resume summary.

Showcase the skills

In writing the skills, try to include skills that only relate to the teaching job.

Include the relevant experience

So, what are the most relevant experiences for a teaching job? Of course, it is about teaching. If you have teaching experience, or at least as a teaching assistant, never hesitated to write them on your resume.

Don’t list the duties, instead of your accomplishments

Sometimes, people often list down the duties on the resume when it comes to pass jobs. You might want to improve your performance by writing it like an achievement. for example “implementing curriculum that resulted in 48% academic scores”. This will sound a lot better than just writing the accomplishments.

How Long Should A Teacher Resume Be?

A resume is like the summary of your profile. Because of that, try to simplify it with just around two pages only. Occasionally, if you have so many professional publications, then it is OK to add one more page.

How To Make A Good Substitute Teacher Resume?

To be a substitute teacher is a good career transition you can try. And to beat your competitor, you can write a resume that can summarize your expertise. One of the ways is including the licenses and certifications. Put them in your name, resume summary, and then the special certification sections.

Kinds Of Teacher Resume Templates

Ceramic Teacher Resume Template

There are many teacher resume templates you can download out there, but it is rare to find specific templates that suit your field. If you are going to apply as a ceramic teacher, this template suits you best.

Private School Teacher Resume Sample

Who says a private teacher cannot apply directly to the parents? If you find a vacancy that telling a parent is looking for a new private tutor, this one is the most perfect template for you.

English Teacher Resume Template

Most qualified candidates don’t know what to put on their resume which makes them get eliminated during the first elimination. You should know your worth and make sure you write the important details on the resume using this template.

Sample For Teachers Without Experience

If you are fresh graduates or someone who still have no experience in teaching, probably this template is one of the best. What makes this template interesting is the specifications and sessions that allow you to write your best qualifications here. No need to worry about creating the wrong resume.

Choir Teacher Resume Template

Are you interested to apply as a choir resume template? Then you need to convince the hiring manager that you are the best candidate. Show your best qualification using this simple template. It will help you decide what details to write on your resume.

Simple Teacher Resume Template

Now hiring manager prefers the classic and simple resume template because it is easier for them to read and decide. If you are looking for a template like this, this one is a must to download!

Yoga Teacher Resume Sample

Is your passion for becoming a Yoga instructor? Then this template can be the best help for you. Now you can make an excellent resume without spending time too much.

Teacher Job Resume Example

This template comes with an example that you can also edit by yourself. This will help you, especially fresh graduates in writing a good resume.


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