T Shirt Design Template free template in PSD

T Shirt Design Template for Simple Designing and Reliable Results

As designer, creating t-shirt is your job. This task is simple after you have t shirt design template. In fact, many people can use it and make their own t-shirt style. The template provides the basic design and things that must be completed.

This kind of template is available with platform related to graphic design. You can choose the ready file as reference. The editing may be a little bit difficult, but the application is usually for sample. On the other side, most designers like the raw file as template. The editing is simple, and there are tons of option with interesting style.

T Shirt Design Template Ideas

T-shirt has been the top wearable fashion. Men, women, and kids can wear it. Today, you can find tons of style for these clothes. To bring new trend and fulfill demand, designers must work quickly. They use the template to shorten the job. They focus on the main design then attach it on this template. Therefore, t shirt design template is created.

T Shirt Design Template Purposes

This template was started from fashion designers. Instead of relying of existing style, common people start creating their own t-shirt design. This is another purpose for using the template. Everyone can make and wear t-shirt with personal preference and style.

T Shirt Design Template Design and Style

The next section will explore the design and style that you often see on t shirt design template. You can put this keyword on search engine and the result shows various styles. Some of them will be explained in the following list.

Plain and blank design

The most common design is plain and blank template. You can edit quickly because it contains the front side of t-shirt. Designer only needs to attach the design directly. It uses the white and black as primary colors.


Template with body sample

Sometimes, you want to know what the t-shirt looks like when people wear it. This is when you choose the template with body sample. The design consists of male and female wearing t-shirt. You can get illustration style or realistic photo. Both are the excellent templates for marketing. In fact, this is what most designers use to ensure the customers know what they will get.

Template with colors

Usually, the template for t-shirt is in plain white or black. On the other side, you can change the color, but some templates are available with unique pattern. For example, you can design the ticket with two or three colors. Black is for the main body and the sleeves are white. You just mix and match to get the attractive style.


Template with various position

Full body template is expanded with various positions. Pattern in t-shirt is mostly at front side, but designer can make additional style for back area. In that case, the template should provide several positions and show people wear t-shirt directly. Usually, it is only front and back, but you can get the template for left and right sides that show pattern on the sleeves.

T Shirt Design Template Platform and Format

Most formats for t shirt design template are the files with platforms that can be accessed via graphic design software. This is not something you edit with word processor, unless you have advanced skill. The purpose of template is making everything simple. Therefore, you can choose format that’s easily implemented and editable.


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