Surgical Assistant Job Description and Its FAQ


For the hospital and health care center, a surgical assistant is an agent with an essential job. Based on the surgical assistant job description, an individual in this position will assist the surgeon during the operation with the surgical procedures. On another hand, a surgical assistant also will perform a crucial task during the operations.

Surgical Assistant Job Description Template

The hospital will look for a talented surgical assistant to join with the team. They will be pushed to provide crucial assistance to the surgical team. On another hand, an agent in this position also should sterilize the operation site, complete some clerical work, and others.

In performing their task, a surgical assistant also should know detailed procedures and policies of surgery. They need to make excellent coordination with the surgeon to maximize the working and make sure that the condition of the patients will be always fine.

To be a successful surgical assistant, a candidate should be an individual with a good team player. Then, they also need to have excellent communication skills, especially to make team coordination. All requirements and tasks of the surgical assistant will be shown on the template of a surgical assistant job description.

Surgical Assistant Responsibilities

Assisting the surgeon in doing the surgery becomes the main responsibility of the surgical assistant. However, an agent in this position still has some essential roles to handle, such as:

  • Assisting with patient resuscitation during the life-threatening events
  • Covering the patients with the surgical drapes to make sure that the condition of the patients is always good and stable
  • Maintaining and adjusting the condition of the operation room, including the temperature, humidity, lighting, and other matters based on the specification of the surgeon
  • Applying staples, sutures, clips, and systems of drainage to control the bleeding
  • Assisting with the positioning of the bodies of patients
  • Maintaining kinds of the operating field with the surgical sponges and retractor
  • Monitoring the positions of the patients, the vital signs, and other matters to make sure that they are stable

Surgical Assistant Requirements

Since a surgical assistant has some essential tasks to be handled, only those who fulfill the requirements will be applied. The requirements become the reference and standard to recruit a talented surgical assistant.

The requirements to be fulfilled by an agent to join as a surgical assistant are:

  • A graduate’s degree in surgical assistant
  • A valid license to work as a surgical assistant
  • Good manual dexterity
  • In-depth knowledge about surgical procedures and tasks
  • High ability to work in a stressful environment and condition
  • Good physical stamina to work on a long shift and handle heavy equipment
  • Excellent team working
  • Good communication skills both written and verbal
  • Ability to remain calm
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Good interpersonal skills

Surgical Assistant FAQ

What are the main duties of the surgical assistant?

Assisting the surgeon becomes the main duty of the surgical assistant. However, they also need to prepare the environment and equipment, so the surgery can be processed maximally.

Can I edit the posted job description of the surgical assistant?

Of course, you can. All samples of the surgical assistant job description are editable. You can personalize detailed information after downloading the template.







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