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Free and Downloadable Scientific Poster Template

You may have heard of different types of scientific publication. There are manuscripts, poster, abstracts, and oral presentation. These tools help to present data from scientific world and provide transparency of research result and outcome. Using scientific poster template is one of the ways to make your research available to public domain before you get peer-reviewed publication for it.

Scientific Poster Template Definition

Poster, among several different type of publication, is a unique way to present a scientific data result. It is a popular and frequently used method to provides things found during the research through combination of both text and graphic.

You can even say that scientific poster template offers a design hybrid between scientific manuscript and oral presentation. It is far more condensed in term of content than a manuscript, but more interactive and detailed than oral presentation. A proper poster portrays research data result in clear and simple form of story using diagram, images, and bulleted text.

Scientific Poster Template Components

Generally, a scientific poster template will have layouts and arrangements as in the following:


Tile mentions short but informative details about study design and outcomes.



Short paragraph that emphasized importance of the topic and prior studies that done in the similar area or category.


A numbered or bulleted question list of the research, usually contain two to three questions.


Data and methods

The source, population, sample size, methodology, primary and secondary variables, statistical analysis, and study design in summarized form.



The findings and outcomes that presented in highlighted key, tables, figures, or bulleted text. It relates the outcome to the first hypotheses and goal, as well as to the limitation and strength of the study.



The findings summarize the implications and direction for upcoming research in the future.

Scientific Poster Template Tips

A proper poster must be able to grab the interest of audience and invite them to read it. This can be achieved by using attractive design, exciting title, and readable figures. It also must be legible even from a certain distance, which can be accomplished by using fewer words thus you can put bigger font. Moreover, the flow of the poster should be able to be navigated efficiently. All the questions, data, and conclusion have to be identified and interpreted clearly in the matter of minutes.

When it comes to the scientific poster, less is always more. It shouldn’t appear identical to the primary article of research, but rather a condensed page of it. The sections must be divided as clear as possible, as it affects the way you communicate to the audience.

Get Scientific Poster Template for Free

Using a scientific poster template is the easiest way to get started. It is possible that your institution or school has a template already with their logo or branding. If not, you can also use these templates to help you create consistent poster easily with the neat and organized layout. The template can be downloaded for absolutely free right now only by using single click.

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