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Santa Letter Template with Fun Style and Proper Layout

Sending Santa a letter is fun activity. Parents can use this trick for learning certain objective. After that, the kids can obtain the answer from Santa. This is when the kids and parents must use the relevant Santa letter template. Some templates provide the layout and component to ensure the letter is in the right style.

Santa Letter Template Idea and Purpose

The template has been the top choice when you need to make something quick and simple. With this template, your kids can write the letter easily. Some items show what the contents must be, and how to write properly. That’s the main purpose of having letter template for Santa.

Santa Letter Template Options

You can use Santa letter template for two options. It is for template that the kids write and send to Santa. On the other hand, parents write the answer and pick the right template.

Letter to Santa

Children have high curiosity about Santa. Parents cannot just say this is just story and imagination. On contrary, you can encourage your kids to write a letter. It is a part of learning to compose sentences and letter properly. For making this activity simple, you can provide the template.

Letter from Santa

As parent, you have responsibility to answer. This is not official or formal letter. The writing style should be casual and kid-friendly. Moreover, the letter contains the unique and attractive layout. The template is definitely the right choice for making it easier.

Santa Letter Template Layouts

The next section will explore the layout you find on Santa letter template. Check the following list for more explanation.

Background and style

You may take a plain paper and write the letter. This is what adults do, but plain paper is not the impressive Santa letter. In this case, you can pick background and style that indicates the letter comes from Santa.



Letterhead is necessary to justify where it comes from. On the other side, your kid can make some improvements regarding the letterhead. It is similar to title, but with few adjustment. This part can extend with information about the name, address, school, age, and anything.


The content section is a place where you and kids write a letter. Make sure this part has usual horizontal lines for writing the guide. They can use pen and write by hand. With this guide, the letter will be in good shape.


Additional sections

You can add picture, icon, or photo on the letter. For Santa, kids may try to draw some pictures to express their feeling.

Santa Letter Template Design and Format

You have two options for Santa letter template. Firstly, it is printed file with adjustable setting and margin. You just print it in the proper paper for handwriting. On the other side, some files are for digital editing. You can write directly with compatible program. After that, the file is printed. This is for the letter from Santa that children will receive. Some kids are familiar with digital device for typing. Parents may use this method. On the other side, encouraging for writing by hand is much recommended.

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