10+ Sample Medical Curriculum Vitae


Sample Medical Curriculum Vitae

The healthcare industry has been around for years and the number of medical schools has been increasing significantly to have the medical graduates contributing to the healthcare development and caring for the patients. With more medical schools are available, the more competitive the healthcare industry is.

To be medical staff, either doctor or nurse, one has to showcase their competencies to the employers. One of the ways to do that is by sending a powerful sample medical curriculum vitae. By doing that, you let employers know who you are and what you are capable of doing to contribute to the organization.

Sample of Healthcare CV Template

This is a template of how a healthcare CV is written professionally. You need to read this thoroughly before continuing to the next chunk of information.

Martin Romero

Personal Info

Phone: (555) 123-123-123

Email: martinromero@email.com


Graduated from ABC Medical School with a Nursing Assistant license and 4+ years of experience that manages patients’ care, assisting numerous health procedures and treatment, and handling the medical paperwork. I am compassionate and have strong communication skills to provide the best patients’ care regarding the different characteristics of patients.


Nursing Staff

ABC International Hospital

2013 – 2017

  • Checking patients’ condition to provide pre-and post-operation care
  • Setting up the medical operation equipment
  • Assisting healthcare procedures based on the safety guidelines
  • Submitting the patients’ confidential paperwork regarding the health records

Nursing Staff

XYZ Family Clinic

2012 – 2013

  • Receiving emergency calls from patients
  • Preparing the medical equipment for the medical action
  • Checking patients’ condition from the blood pressure, weight and height measurement, cholesterol level, etc.
  • Assisting doctor in examining patients


Certified Nursing Assistant, ABC Medical School


GPA: 3.75 (cum laude)

Relevant Coursework: Patients’ Care Management, Hospital Management, Adults’, Child, and Baby First Aids, Adults CPR

Graduation: 2013 (CNA)

Membership: Certified Nursing Assistant Association at ABC Medical School

Key Skills

  • Flexibility
  • Time management
  • Compassionate and patience
  • Empathy
  • Problem-solving
  • Communication skill


  • Best Students GPA, 2013


  • English
  • France

How to Write Medical Curriculum Vitae

When you are about to write a medical CV for your next job, it is important to know you tailor it to promote yourself.

  • Read sample medical curriculum vitae as much as you can. It is done to familiarize you as to how it looks like for making one
  • Build your career summary or objective as reasonable and powerful as you can. It has to leave an impression but you need to make it all reasonable without adding things you don’t do
  • List your experience. It is self-explanatory, but if you don’t have it, include your internship or training
  • Mention key skills that are relevant to the job
  • Add some achievements and awards as a cherry on top of your CV

Best CV Design for Medical Purpose

Knowing which CV works best with your application is crucial. If you are experienced, use a backward chronological CV to highlight your work experience in the healthcare industry. Yet, if you are inexperienced, use a functional CV to showcase your skills and abilities for catching the employer’s attention.

What to Include in Sample Medical Curriculum Vitae?

In writing a CV, you need to be aware to include the crucial points to give a highlight of what you are doing and what you have been done. These are the things that need to be included in your medical CV.

  • Personal Information. It stays on top with your full name, address, email address, and phone number
  • Professional Summary. Yes, it can be a career objective as well, depends which one suits you
  • Relevant skills
  • Professional Experience. This section is crucial for employers to know what you have done during your career
  • Achievements that can help to boost your value

How to Write a CV for Doctor

CV for doctors is taken seriously to highlight their educational background, work experience, and key skills. These three factors contribute significantly to how the doctor conducts his/her job. The term doctors can be very broadly defined so they need to specify what specialty they have in their CV.

Writing a CV for doctors has similar guidelines as writing other medical CV but again, they need to take the importance of the three factors above. Also, they need to learn about the position being advertised and match with which skills are relevant for the job. Then, they can start writing their CV.

Kinds of Sample Medical Curriculum Vitae

Among all the samples of medical CV, here are few templates that you can use. Why template? Because it saves your time and it creates a professional CV that even a fresh-graduate need not worry about what to write when they don’t have much experience to tell.

Medical Doctor CV

This CV is designed for doctors with a focus on the work experience and skills sections. You just need to change the specialty and match it with the relevant skills for the job you apply for.

Pediatric Cardiology Curriculum Vitae

If you apply for pediatric cardiology, this CV suits you the best. Written in Ms. Word file format, you can edit it easily without having much hassle.

Academic Medical CV

This template is useful if you want to highlight your educational background. This includes detailed information on applicants’ skills and experience as well.

Medical Receptionist CV

If you are seeking a career as a medical receptionist, this CV works best for your situation. With slight change here and there, you will have your professional medical receptionist’s CV.

Medical Officer Curriculum Vitae

This CV template works in most medical positions, either as a nurse or staff. You need to ensure you include all the needed information to suit the job you apply for.

Medical Faculty Curriculum Vitae

This CV template provides comprehensive information on the experience, competencies, and training that applicants have. You can use this template to impress the employer and have an outstanding CV.

Medical Assistant CV

This CV template is designed for medical assistant who wants to seek career opportunity. It can be used for an entry-level position or a professional one.

Sample Medical Student CV Template

If you are still a student and want to have work experience, this CV template can be your choice. Focusing on the educational background and simple format, this template works well with students with less experience to land either an internship or an entry-level job.

CV Template for Dental Assistant

This CV template is designed specifically for dental assistants. Using a formal tone and neat style creates a well-structured CV.

CV Template for Certified Nursing Assistant

Use this template for all the certified nursing assistants out there. This covers all the crucial information from the specialty to the licenses you have.






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