10+ Recipe Card Template free template in PSD

The Recipe Card Template Set-Up

All chefs around the world would agree that a standardized recipe is quite essential. Thus, it is important to have recipe card template that provides information about the preparation method and flavor profile. It will help the chef’s crews to duplicate the recipe in a consistent manner. In addition, by using some platforms, you can also calculate the costs at the same time writing the recipe.

The best recipe template is the one which provides essential basic information. It consists of the restaurant’s name, the chef’s name, special preparation, etc. One of the easiest media to create the template is in Microsoft Excel. Here are several versions of recipe templates that hopefully can inspire everyone to set up their recipe cards.

Chef’s Shorthand Recipe Card Template

This template would be suitable for individuals who prefer more on shorthand recipes. There are several elements in this type of template.

The “Procedures” are presented in the right-hand column.

The lists of “Ingredients” are grouped following the “Procedures” column.

Blank spaces on the bottom of the page to add comments or procedures.

Classic Chef’s Recipe Card Template

This is the most common recipe template. However, this style is not only used by professional chefs, but also individuals who are fond of cooking. It will help them to share the favorite recipe to other people, so they can share the joy of delicious foods.

The template is quite simple with letting ingredients, the amount and measurement on the center of page. It helps the readers to see clearly the “Ingredients” if the card is stuck on the wall while they are cooking. The “Procedures” are placed on the bottom of the page with extra blank space, so it would be easier every time they want to add more information.

Classic Chef’s Recipe Card Template

There are two types of classic recipe card template. Basically, both styles are the same. The difference is just on the presentation. Here are the elements of this template, started from the left column on the sheet.

The left column started with the list of “Ingredients”.

Next to the “Ingredients” is the “Amounts” which consists of two sub table; “Quantity” and “Unit”. The “Quantity” column is linked to the cost calculation table on the right of the recipe table.

The right side of the recipe table is the “Procedures” column.

Scalable Chef’s Recipe Card Template

It is an excellent recipe card template for you who want to scale a recipe to the expected portion. Usually, this format consists of two pages.

First page

The first page is where you enter the basic recipe that’s applicable for one batch, including the amount of outcome portion. It also consists of a column to enter the amount of portion you are expected. It will automatically recalculate the recipe based on the scaled recipe.

Second page

The second page is the printed version based on the number of portion you input on the first page. The best recipe card is the one that will suit the best for each individual’s expectation. That will help to organize your notes and your readers. Thus, you can create your own recipe card template, so you get on well with your food secret.


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