Raffle Ticket Template free psd template

Raffle Ticket Template with Practical Design for Relevant Event

You often find the raffle ticket anywhere. The example is at the store when you write your name or phone number on this ticket then put it into a jar. If you have the store, using this ticket will increase the interest and sales. Therefore, you should have raffle ticket template.

Raffle Ticket Template Idea and Concept

The concept comes from simple gambling. The tickets are in the jar, and one or more is picked. The winner is the person who has corresponding number with the result. For the raffle ticket, the implementation is in several fields.

Raffle Ticket Template Purposes

Before exploring more about raffle ticket template, you need to know the purposes. Check the following list for additional explanation.

Marketing and sales

The obvious purpose is marketing and sales. Customers buy the item, and the total price exceeds certain number. They receive ticket and have a chance for big winning. More people want the prize, and the store increases the revenue. This is the sale method that’s very effective when you implement it in the right moment.


The raffle ticket may be a part of entertainment event. It is for fun, and the prize might not be as tempting as what the store provides. However, the amount of prize is quite huge and people can win with high probability.


Charity and donation

It is useful for funding social event and charity. The ticket is direct donation for a certain purpose. In that case, you may see several types of ticket based on the level of giving. One ticket has the price for how much you must spend. The prize might not be the top interest, but drawn moment will be interesting.


Pure lottery

The last purpose is for the pure lottery. In this case, the ticket is a part of gambling that provides winning when people have the right number. You do not receive anything, except the ticket itself.

Raffle Ticket Template Items and Components

You might be in charge for creating the raffle ticket. Some components are necessary to be in this ticket. This is where you can rely on the raffle ticket template.

Ticket name

You know it is a raffle ticket just by its name. The first thing you should put is the name of ticket. Make sure it is short and simple, but representative.

Date and period

One ticket has limited time and expired period. You cannot forget this part definitely because the ticket is only applied on specific event and time. You do not want people to have a ticket ten years ago and claim to be the winners.


Number and prizes

Some tickets use number and code for identification. This part is generated automatically with computer. The template provides section where you can put the number.

Name of organization, stores, and sponsor

After that, the ticket contains a section for the name of parties that involved. They are company, organization, individual, stores, and sponsor.


Additional information

This part is for something that might be useful. The ticket can use address, the list of product, logo, and anything.

Raffle Ticket Template Format and Design

Raffle ticket template is available with format and design that’s editable. You can get the file with format you often use. The design depends on the purpose and event. It can be in colorful or plain style. Most tickets are small and simple.



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