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The Types of Organizational Chart Template

In order to organize a workforce or work with a large number of people, it is necessary to have an organizational chart. It helps every individual to understand their responsibilities and tasks that they should finish. The organizational chart template becomes an essential thing to visualize the point across divisions quickly.

Hierarchical Organizational Chart Template

This chart template is known as a pyramid-shaped organizational chart. The series of mandates started from the top, which consists of CEO or manager of organization. Then, it goes down to the lower staff. Usually, each staff has a supervisor to make sure everything runs as what has been expected to reach the organization’s goals.

It gives a clear illustration of the levels of authority and responsibility. It helps people to know the individuals that they can talk to for specific works. However, there are several backward discussions by the public about this organizational chart template. This hierarchical structure can cause the lower positions to feel they have less ownership, so they are less willing to express their ideas.

Matrix Organizational Chart Template

In a more complex organizational structure, the matrix template is more suitable, especially for an organization that requires people in different divisions to collaborate. People and expertises with related skills are placed in the same group to do common projects. However, every individual is usually responsible to report their work to more than one manager.

One of positive side using this template is easier for the supervisor to select individuals based on the projects’ needs. It also encourages individuals to do various capacities besides their original roles. On the other side, this template can change more often than other templates of the chart.

The Flat Organizational Chart Template

For an organization that has simpler levels between the board position and entry-level position, this chart will suit best. This type of template is efficient to cut the bureaucracy within the organization. Moreover, it also allows the lower position to independently create a decision. With a simpler structure, this template connects all people in the organization with more open communication.

As the aim of the organizational chart template to manage the relationship, it will be time-efficient. Furthermore, it will increase individuals’ productivity and accountability in the workforce.

Human Resources Organizational Chart Template

Even though many people have already known that they need to go to Human Resources to ask about enrollment, they do not really know the exact person that they need to talk to. This template help people to get a clear understanding upon the role of each person and the available resources.

It will not only useful in a company, but also any other organization, so the outsiders can easily engage with their bodies. From those lists of organizational chart templates, every individual can choose the most suitable one with the need of their organization. It might be underscored by some people, but having a clear organizational chart will help all stakeholders to work at their best with a clear communication system.



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