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Premium Rack Card Template Designs and Layouts

Rack card is a marketing tool that’s commonly used due to its high effectiveness. However, there are some things you need to do in order to optimize the item. Considering how tight the competition in almost all sectors these days, you have to find a way to get maximum marketing advantage at reasonable price. Using a rack card template is a way to get free design that’s readily available, in which you may personalize to create stands out design.

Customizable Rack Card Template

Rack card is a promotional piece that’s simple and relatively affordable. It is usually printed on heavy cardstock on either or both sides. The standard size of this piece is 3.5 x 8.5 inches or 4 x 9 inches. These sizes allow them to fit specifically on counter-top holder or display rack, thus making them easily accessible by reader.

Almost any types of business or organization can make use of a rack card. It is commonly placed on waiting areas, lobbies, showrooms, etc. You are most likely have encountered them on places related to tourism industry such as on restaurant, hotel, airport, visual center, and other venue while on vacation or travel.

How to Use Rack Card Template

Here are some tips to choose and create an appealing rack card template:

Less is more

You don’t need to put plenty of text inside a card. The key part of rack card is imagery. The rest only consists of large headline, supporting tagline, short paragraph, and maybe five or six numbered/bulleted points. It is especially true for tourism theme rack card where travelers need to discover their own joy in the destination without revealing too much.

Optimize the use of colors

Competition of having the most stands out rack card is quite heavy. There might be hundreds of other cards out there. It is important to use eye-catching design that will grab people’s attention at first glance. Color is one of the most suitable design elements to do this job. Take a closer look at the venue where you’re going to distribute the cad, and design it to be contrasting with the background. The image and shapes of top-half of the card might also benefit you to hold attention.

Understand your audience

Considering target audience is as important as incorporating the right design. Are you going to cater it to travelling families, golfers, business man or others? The potential audience is more likely to respond to distinctive rack card design, so make sure it fulfills and matches with their general taste.

Rack Card Template Formats

Using pre-formatted rack card template is the ultimate way to increase its efficiency. Make sure you also put attention to proper layout such as the safety area lines, cut-lines, and bleed lines. The template will help you on design and layout. Usually it comes with proper resolution and print-ready color modes as well, so you’d be able to save time and energy.

High-Quality Rack Card Template

The available rack card template in this page is made in premium quality and professional-looking design. All the elements such as layouts, photos, artwork, backgrounds, and logo are easy to customize and use.

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