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Press Kit Template with Useful Design and Layout

Using press kit template will shorten your effort when preparing the press release and media kit. You might be in charge for supplying the media and journalists with relevant contents. This template will provide what you need the most.

The term press kit refers to the document, photos, or packages that company or agency shares directly with media. Before press conference, the kit is distributed, and the media can ask based on the content in that kit. You often see some photos if the release is about new team, season, product, catalogues, or any service. In general, anything you get as official package before release is the press kit.

Press Kit Template Idea

Press kit template comes from situation that journalists might ask something not related to the primary topic. Moreover, distributing the kit is a part of campaign and marketing. Company has information about the specs and related items. Everything related to press release and conference will be included in that kit.

You read the kit, and know what to ask. It keeps the interview within the topic. Moreover, a press kit is good reference for official publishing since it comes directly from the company or agency. As you know, rumor is going around before official release. To make sure there is no misleading and misinformation, the kit is the right tool as guidance.

Press Kit Template Design and Style

You can use any design as long as the contents are related with the main event. For example, a press kit for music concert will enlist the singers, bands, and schedule. If the kit is for official or format conference, the style has to be professional with official vibe.

Press Kit Template Components

You should learn about this topic from components on the press kit template. Some kits are for goods and services. Others are for events and the rest might be just personal purpose. Check more components at the next list.

Front cover and title

The kit has front cover to show directly the product. This part also includes the title and related background.

Introduction, background information, and executive summary

After front cover, the company puts introduction or background information. Make sure this part is short and brief related to the topic or product itself.

Key features and table of contents

Press kit is like magazine, but only few pages usually less than 10 pages. You need to enlist the key features that will be explained more for the next pages. This part is also relevant for table of contents.

Press release

The core component is the content, which is press release. It explains the event, situation, product, or anything.


For validation, photo is necessary. When attending a new car press conference, the press kit must contain photos about it.

Additional media and information

Anything necessary will be in this section. You may add more subtopic, graph and illustration, or just extra photos.

Press Kit Template Format

Press kit template uses format that’s quite similar with magazine. On the other hand, it is also possible for creating this kit with single page. Official announcement often relies on short and direct press release. One page is enough to explain everything. You just choose format that’s relevant and suitable with the topic or product.

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