10+ Place Card Template example psd design

The Place Card Template Design and Main Components

When you attend a wedding, you may see your name in certain table. It is written in elegant place card. This kind of card is common in events, such as banquet, meeting, conference, seminar, and wedding. The committee assigns each guest to be in the right table. Due too many cards that must be printed, using the place card template can the right solution.

You can pick the relevant template, and edit it properly. With automatic system, you just input the data, such as the name and identification then the card is printed automatically. This is why the template becomes useful tool to shorten your time.

Place Card Template Purposes

You need the place card for several purposes. Wedding is the event with many guests, so table arrangement is necessary. In general, you can sit anywhere because that’s your right. However, the place has certain numbers of table that have been calculated properly. They will be capable to support all guests.

The situation is similar during meeting or conference. The place card is added in the certain table to ensure people are in the right place. The table for host and guests is different. Moreover, you must distribute the accommodation evenly, and this card is the first line of action to make sure everything is in the right order.

Place Card Template Design

The design for this card has two sections. Firstly, it is the main content with plain area for writing the name, title, code, number, and signature. After that, you can see some patterns or decorations at the corner. It is for decorative purpose. Moreover, you may add logo or icon.

Place Card Template Components

Place card template has various designs. Each is dedicated for specific event and situation. For wedding, the card only has table number and name. On the other side, the place card for business meeting includes managerial position and additional information. More components will be explained at the following list.


The most important part in this card is the name. It is more than formality because it’s part of respect. Guests will fee they receive a honor because they have a place to sit with elegant place card. Make sure the name is easy to read and visible. Avoid creating a card with complex font.

Code or other identifications

After the name, some cards also use the code or other identifications. For example, you can check the board, and see where you will sit. After reaching your place, there is number to indicate the right table. This part is useful when you are in charge for directing guests to the right place. As usual, make sure the identification is simple and easy to interpret.



If the table is for important guest or person, the signature is necessary. It can be the position level, such as CEO, CFO, supervisor, or manager. The card will start with the name and signature.

Additional information

Usually, the place card has to be as simple as possible. It is just a card to indicate where you will be. On the other side, additional information is necessary for the practical situation.

Place Card Template Format

You may get a plain card and add the name with number. After that, you can put on table and everyone can see who will be in that chair. This is how the place card works. However, you must create elegant and practical card to adjust with situation and event. Some formats for place card template will fulfill such purpose.

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