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How to Use a Photo Collage Template and Combine them Like a Pro

Do you want to style your photos to be magazine-like photo collage? Have a faith in photo collage template. The themed templates are excellent to bring our photo collage beyond your expectation. Not only that, but templates also allow you to make your photos be collaged into shapes, words, or even spherical shapes. All you need is to look for the perfect template to work with. Below is the information about the nitty-gritty of photo collage templates that you may need.

The World of Photo Collage Template

As mentioned earlier, you can find many themed templates on the net. But, photo collage templates are not easily be categorized by just that.

Themed templates

Themed templates mean you can have a theme-related frame for your collage. Usually, you will find templates that are categorized into themes like holiday, family, friends, etc. That’s it – you need to determine what theme is suitable for the photo collage. For example, if you have a pile of vacation photos, use the related theme to collage it.

Multi-photos template

The second template is categorized based on the total photos you can add to the collage. Some templates may only include up to three photos, while another can be added up to 100 photos.


Shaped template

To your surprise, some templates come in shape. For example, you can find a heart-shaped template design or circle design; while the standard photo collage is just as simple as a rectangular template.

Styling the Photo Collage Template

Now you may have chosen one template that is not that exceptional. How to make it look awesome? There are several tips you can apply to style your photo collage template to be mind-blowing.

Be adaptive to the latest trend

Of course, you have to be adaptive and look for any inspirational decorations that are suitable to be applied to your template. You can look it up by reading magazines, scrolling through social media, etc. There are many ways to make yourself updated to the current style of photo collage.

Play with some words

Have you ever seen any photo collage with quotes accompanying it? Bet you have. It’s your turn now to level up your photos with words, but don’t use boring life quotes. Express yourself and write one-two sentences retelling about the pictures being collaged.


Don’t apply multi-filters in one-page photo collage

Not only it will look inconsistent, having your photos in various filters will botch the photo collage itself. Try to be consistent, and apply a few colors adjusting so that the pictures collaged have similar setting of color tone. You can have a featured image, but for the rest,  just don’t make it to upstage the featured one.

Turning the Boring Photos with Photo Collage Template

With templates, you can even make use of random photos as part of your artsy photo collage. Let’s say, a photo of a lonely roadside flower, rainy wet roads, and an opened book page. With the help of photo collage template, you can glow the pictures first, combine it into one, and have this aesthetic ‘vibe’ that nowadays youths love. Take a look of moodboards as an example. The photos may be unrelated to each other but they successfully making it leveled up.

Photo Collage Template: Post Customization

After you add and edit the template to your liking, export the file to be an image that you can print or simply upload in your social media. Photo collage template isn’t a disposable thing: you can reuse it how many times you like.

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