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A pet sitter is responsible for the safety and well-being of the pet owners while they are far away for work or vacation. The pet sitter must perform daily tasks for pets from feeding, brushing, walking the pets, and many more. He/she is responsible for making sure the pets are safe. You can read the following summary about the pet sitter job description.

The Tasks To Do In The Pet Sitter Job Description

The main tasks to perform as a pet sitter are as follow:

Discussing Certain Things With The Pet Owners

The pet owners must meet with the pet sitter and discuss certain things or information about their pets. The pet sitter must find out the detail information about the pets from the treatments an exception.

Taking Care The Pets

The pet sitter is responsible to give fresh food and water. This also includes giving the medication and brings it to the vets if it is necessary. Other tasks to perform are clearing the litter boxes, aquariums, cages, etc which are related to the pets.

Exercising The Pets

Another task to be performed is to exercising the pets. For example, walking the dogs regularly.


If it is necessary, the pet owners are responsible to groom the pets from cleaning the ears, bathing, coating, and brushing the teeth.

Giving Updates

When the owners are out, the pet sitter must provide updates from letting the pets communicating with the owners, taking pictures, until discussing certain things that require urgent action.

What Are The Requirements To Be A Pet Sitter?

A pet sitter is required to have the following things:

  • Educational background – The candidate must at least have a high school diploma and have experience in a pet sitter. The person also needs to prove that he/she has knowledge about animal behavior.
  • Skills – The skills required to be a pet sitter is the ability to perform CPR, first aid, and care for different animals. Also, the person must have excellent organizational, communication, and customer service skills.


What’s A Pet Sitter’s Job?

A pet sitter basically almost has the same job description as a baby sitter. The Petsitter is responsible to take care of the owner’s pets at homes when they are away. In this case, the pet sitter is responsible to perform the various daily tasks and makes sure the pets are living well; well-needed, and well-cleaned.

What Should You Consider Before Posting A Pet Sitter Job Description?

Before posting a job description, you need to understand what your peed is needed so you can adjust the general job description with yours. Make sure you select a candidate that is a true pet lover and can perform certain tasks. The education requirement is actually necessary to prove that the person is eligible in performing certain tasks and eases you to find the best one. Usually, a person who has an educational background can give you better performance with professional manners.

What Are The Main Duties Of A Pet Sitter?

A pet sitter has a daily job from giving meals, reporting the pet’s behavior to the owners, and encourage the pets mentally. Furthermore, the pet sitter must clean the furniture and carpets used by the pets and also bringing the pets to shower.

Even though it is just a pet sitter, you have to be selective as your pet might not feel comfortable with new people. Also, treating a pet (if the person is not the parent) will be very difficult. Therefore, you need to write the pet sitter job description better and clearer.

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