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Nursing Curriculum Vitae

Helping others with your capabilities always sounds good. That is what the nurses do in their daily routines. Taking care of others until they are recovered. If you are a person who eager to do the same, you have to grab your chance to be included within the nursing field by utilizing nursing curriculum vitae.

The curriculum vitae has various styles and designs for each of the needs. The curriculum vitae for nurses abroad and the one for locals are slightly different. The one for nurses abroad would comprise of foreigner necessary details such as passport number and visa, while the local usually do not need it.

Nursing Curriculum Vitae Sample

Equip yourself with the relevant insight about nursing curriculum vitae with the provided sample below:

Personal Info

Yoon Seo-Jeong

Phone  : (858) 745-583-396-4

Email: Seojeong.Yoon@gmail.com


A caring and compassionate nurse seeking an opportunity to implement her ability in dealing with emotionally charged and under-pressure environments. I would also feature my teamwork and interpersonal skills to perform the job well as a nurse in Wickyta Hospital.


Intern at Goldstar Health Clinic


  • Followed doctors’ and other physicians’ direction
  • Kept patients’ record to stay organized
  • Filled paperwork and documents
  • Assisted patients’ doing their certain activity
  • Performed good manner
  • Provided compassion to the patients and family


Doldam Healthcare Polytechnic

Nursing and Intensive Care Unit Service


GPA: 3.6

Relevant Coursework: Intensive Care for Disable children

Expected Graduation: 2021

Membership: –

Key skills:

  • Healthy and fit
  • Having a caring and compassionate nature
  • Exquisite teamwork skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Good Observational skills
  • Able to deal with emotionally charged and pressured circumstance
  • Good verbal and written skills
  • Having good stamina
  • Able to use proper, and accurate initiative


  • Trusted to be Intensive Care Unit nurse in Il-Suk Health Center
  • Looking after a patient who has an allergen in Lactose


  • Korean
  • English
  • Japanese

How to Write Nursing Curriculum Vitae

Composing a curriculum vitae for a nurse is quite challenging preparation.  In case you want to start your very first career as a nurse, the steps below could be your guidelines to write it by yourself.

  • Prepare and mention your personal information clearly
  • Put the detail of your education and relevant certification, if any
  • Add your relevant achievements and accomplishments you ever perform within your internship or extracurricular activities
  • State the key skills that are relevant to the job
  • Declare the technical proficiency that will give you some plus while performing the job. For example, Able to operate certain equipment in the field of healthcare
  • Re-read and proofread your curriculum vitae that you have already write. Ensure your curriculum vitae is free from grammatical errors and typos

What Should a Nursing CV feature

To make sure your CV communicates properly and clearly about you, ensure your CV comprises of the following things.

  • Contact information details (name, phone, email, address, etc.)
  • Licenses
  • A brief and professional summary of the job role
  • Education (degrees, awarding institutions, etc.)
  • Professional experience
  • Clinical experience
  • (Optional) volunteer work

What To Not Include In Nursing CV

After you review what should be included within the Nursing CV, below are the things you should avoid and not include in your CV if you want to make an effective CV.

  • Irrelevant job or extracurricular activities experience
  • Achievements that are not an appropriate achievement. Such as assigned to be class captain.
  • A resume objective that does not make sense
  • A physical description
  • Private information. Such as email password.
  • Grammatical errors and typos
  • Colorful font and creative/artistic fonts

How to make the Nursing CV Strong

First impressions are essential to your success. Composing a stand-out CV from the competitors is one of the means you can use. Below are several ways that you can do to make your CV strong.

Important Things to Consider before Write Nursing Curriculum Vitae

Whether you have or have not written your curriculum vitae for a nursing job, you should aware of the ‘6Cs’ of Nursing Values that every nurse should follow. Below is a brief description.

  • Care – Core of the business, with care people are expected to improve their health
  • Compassion – how care is delivered based on empathy, dignity, and respect
  • Courage – allow nurses to do the right thing for the people
  • Communication – Second business core, with communication, care could be performed
  • Competence – update with recent rules, and knowledge to the recent growth of tech and nurse field
  • Commitment – nurse should continually struggle to provide the best care and guidance for patients

Kinds of Nursing Curriculum Vitae Template

As the nurse job is varying, the curriculum vitae provided is different too. Below are several examples of nursing curriculum vitae that you may choose if relevant to you.

Chief Nursing Officer Curriculum Vitae Template

The minimalist style that is brought by this template shows that for some reason, visual elements could be diminished to provide more space for the information. The information is only put into a simple section divided by a simple line.

Nursing Professional Curriculum Vitae Template

Employing reverse-chronological formats, this nursing professional CV template should be the best choice for the professionals.

Nursing Staff Curriculum Vitae Template

With a standardized and minimalist layout, this two-column CV aims to showcase your primary skills and experience. Utilized with standard mini-icons to make your CV more visually friendly is the way this template is doing its job.

Nursing Assistant Curriculum Vitae Template

Becoming a nursing assistant is quite a challenging job option. If winning is a must, try this modern template that is concise for the information you have entered.

New Graduate Nursing Curriculum Vitae

The minimalist lining and sections are the main power of this template. These features help you to showcase and highlight your supporting details in your CV.

Nursing Professional Curriculum Vitae

Simple yet concise. The aspect that is expected to be brought by this CV template. Following the format of reversed-chronological, this template is perfect for you who want to be a nursing professional.

Free Nursing Student CV Template

The perfect layout and personal information container make this template stand out to the others. The four division of section layout makes the CV looks clearer and well-ordered.

Free Nursing CV Template

Using colored dots as visual elements to show skill proficiency is the key to this template. The featured photo container and perfect sectioning make this template great for the job.

Nursing Director Curriculum Vitae Template

Showcasing your name and customized photo container makes this template looks gorgeous. It is then split into two-column and provides a slider-like visual element to show skill proficiency. Eye-catching and engaging.

Nursing Aide Curriculum Vitae Template

Employing colorful framing and simple sectioning, this CV should be the best choice for the nursing aide. Thanks to simple sectioning that career objective, professional skills, and other supporting details could be highlighted.




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