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Medical Curriculum Vitae

Applying for a medical position needs a well-thought-out curriculum vitae. It is because curriculum vitae, or CV, includes essential information of the applicants to be a consideration for the employer. It includes your professional career background and education as well. By having an impressive medical curriculum vitae, you will be a step closer to land a new job.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to write a good cv, including those who apply for medical positions. The information below gives you thorough insight into how to write a good cv and what is to include. Another alternative is also presented in the end by showing several cv templates for you.

Sample of Medical Student Curriculum Vitae

Let’s start with looking at how the CV sample of medical students looks like.

Gabriel Aubade

Personal Info

Phone: (555) 321-321-321

Email: gab_aubade@email.com


A professional nurse with four years of experience in a reputable family clinic. I can work in a team or individual, both as a leader or member. With a strong background in medical nurse responsibilities, I can contribute positively to the development of the organization and provide the best customer service care.


Cardiac Nurse

ABC Family Clinic

2018 – 2020

  • Diagnosing and treating patients with cardiovascular diseases
  • Informing patients with the cardiovascular treatments
  • Communicating with patients’ family regarding patients’ condition
  • Educating patients on how to do the preventive measurement on cardiovascular condition

Family Nurse Practitioner

2016 – 2018

  • Diagnosing and assessing patients’ health conditions
  • Conducting treatment measurement for the patients regarding the condition or illnesses
  • Providing preventive care for patients
  • Conducting patients’ routine check-up
  • Prescribing medications for patients with the assistance of the doctors


Master Degree from XYZ Medical University, 2014

Bachelor Degree from JKL Medical School, 2010

GPA: 3.87

Relevant Coursework: Family Nursing, Primary Health Care, Handling Acute and Chronic Illness, Cardiac Nursing, Risk Assessment

Graduation: 2014

Membership: Medical Student Members

Key Skills

  • Problem-solving
  • Good communication
  • Excellent technical skill
  • Team working
  • Management and leadership
  • Time management


  • Best Student GPA, 2016
  • Licensed as a Registered Nurse, 2017


  • English
  • Spanish
  • Germany (passive)

How to Write Medical Curriculum Vitae

To create a good medical curriculum vitae, there are things to need to remember such as few things to include and not to. Here are several essential things for your cv:

  • Use an appropriate and formal style. Be it your made it yourself or you adopt the template.
  • Include brief information about who you are and what you are doing.
  • Use chronological order in mentioning your experience or education. It avoids confusion for the readers.
  • Stick to the facts. Exaggerating will not leave a good impression.

Differences between Medical CV and Resume

People use cv and resume interchangeably as there are more similarities than differences. Yet, there is still a difference you need to know to decide which one you need the most. A CV contains more detailed information on the academic background that covers education, research, and publications. Resume showcases your qualifications and skills to the employers as a consideration of being accepted to the organization you apply for. Thus, the length of cv can get longer than a resume.

How does Medical CV Looks Like?

Similar to another cv, the medical curriculum vitae includes some things such as personal information and skills. To give you more understanding of how a medical cv looks like, here is a list of information you need to complete.

  • Basic applicants’ information. It refers to the name, address, email, and phone number.
  • Educational background. List in chronological order from the latest one to oldest.
  • Professional experience. If you happen to gain work experience or training, it is good to include that.
  • Certifications or licenses. It is another way to show that you are active in your career.

Do Doctors Need CV?

Applying for a doctor position, you need a comprehensive cv to start. You need a list of information to show your qualifications, professional experience, or educational background, and achievement such as conducting research. In creating such cv, you can either create yourself using the information above or you can use the template as shown below.

Kinds of Medical CV Templates

If you want to save time, you can start to take a look at these medical cv templates. With a variety of templates, you can choose which one suits your condition.

Medical Curriculum Vitae in Word

This template works for any medical position that the applicants apply for. Written in a Word formatting file, you can edit it easily and change the information to suit your condition.

School of Medical Curriculum Vitae

This template allows you to edit the information in terms of personal info, education background, and certificates, and current licenses. By using this template, you provide the needed information about your academic qualifications to the employer.

Medical Doctor in PDF

If you are applying for a medical doctor, this template is what you need. Using PDF file format, you can download and edit it easily before sending it to the organization you are applying to.

Medical Assistant Curriculum Vitae

This cv template is designed specifically for medical assistants. It employs thorough information of your academic qualifications from the education background to certificates. There is no need to find another cv template as this can cover what you need to write.

Medical Pediatrician Curriculum Vitae

If you are looking for a comprehensive medical curriculum vitae, this cv template can be a great choice. Designed specifically for medical pediatricians, this cv will be a good way to showcase your academic competencies and experiences professionally.

Medical Student CV

If you are a medical student and looking for a good cv to cover your information, try to use this template. It saves your time and gives benefit to you so you don’t need to worry about how to make an impressive cv anymore.

Medical Fellowship CV

This template is designed for those who are going through training to be a specialist. You can use this cv template as it gives clear information about your medical residency or training experience.

Medical Technician Curriculum Vitae

Use this cv template if you are applying for a medical technician position. Written in a Word file format, you can edit this template easily to follow your situation.

Dentist CV

Specifically designed for dentists, this template cv employs a sleek look with complete information to promote yourself in front of the employer. Use this template and you won’t regret it.

Healthcare Assistant CV

Healthcare assistant also needs an impressive cv to help them land a new job. This template opens the opportunity for you to get through the first phase of the hiring process.



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