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Mechanical engineer becomes a promising career for many. It leads to the developing, constructing, and operating of machinery to fulfill the purpose. A high number of mechanical engineering students graduate from college every year and are ready to land a job to make use of their knowledge. To do that, the first thing these students need is preparing an effective mechanical engineer resume to open the career opportunity in front of the recruiter.

Creating a resume itself is never an easy task. You can find hundreds of resume templates to use these days, but choosing which one is the most suitable for you can be a big deal. The good news is you will find a list of amazing resume templates here with resume-related information that you need to know.

Sample of Mechanical Engineering Resume

This is the sample of a good mechanical engineer resume that provides the idea of what a resume should look like.

Paul Wanders

Personal Info

Phone: (555) 321-321-321

Email: paulwanders@email.com


A competent graduate of mechanical engineering from a reputable university with a GPA of 3.90 that possesses an excellent understanding of engineering. Gaining hands-on experience in developing, designing, and constructing numerous machinery for companies around the world during my study and internship.



ABC Manufacturing

2017 – 2018

  • Developing and designing machinery for top companies around the world
  • Researching the process of machinery development
  • Creating blueprints and scheme of the machinery
  • Assisting the machinery development process
  • Conducting constant evaluation before the final progress of the machinery development

Volunteer in ABC Community Service


  • Developing concepts for a water-based project for the community
  • Thinking of project design and development process
  • Creating the draft for project concepts and doing a team evaluation
  • Building the water-based project based on the suggestions received


XYZ Engineering University

2015 – 2018

ABC Vocational High School

2013 – 2015

GPA: 3.8

Relevant Coursework: Manufacturing Process, Environmental Science

Graduation: 2018

Membership: Students Council

Key Skills

  • Creativity
  • Interpersonal skill
  • Problem-solving skill
  • Teamwork


  • Best Student GPA, 2017
  • Breakthrough Water-Based Project, 2018


  • English
  • French (passive)
  • Germany (passive)

How to Write Mechanical Engineering Resume

After reading the resume sample, you must remember several things to create an impactful resume of yours.

  • Write a strong professional summary or career objective
  • Mention your strengths, like skills and ability
  • Add information on experience – work experience or training, and volunteer
  • Complete with your achievements

Writing Mechanical Engineering Profile Summary

Profile summary is intended to showcase who you are professionally; what you have done in your career. Below is the information to include in the profile summary.

  • Skills – hard and soft skills. Both are important to show what you are capable of.
  • Experience. It is broadly defined as work experience, internship, or voluntary activities.
  • Contribution to the previous job. Give brief information about what you do in your previous workplace.
  • Career goals. This is the key as you mention how you will develop yourself in the future career.

Although there are things you need to mention, don’t make it too long. Have 4-5 sentences for the most.

What Skills to Write in Mechanical Engineering Resume

Skills for Mechanical Engineer are important to write in the resume. The resume templates require you to state your skills as a way to show your ability. Among all the skills, these are the essential skill you can write in your resume:

  • Problem-solving
  • Technical skill
  • Detailed-oriented
  • Creative
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Teamwork
  • Organized and administrative skill

Tips in Writing Mechanical Engineering for Students

College or university students need excellent resumes, too. Although some of them may not be experienced, there is a way out to solve the problem.

  • Write a powerful but reasonable career objective
  • Highlight your soft and hard skills
  • Promote yourself by mentioning your experience in an internship or voluntary actions
  • Mention the institution you graduated from, it’s good if it has a good reputation. Also, the GPA.

Kinds of Mechanical Engineering Resume Template

There is a wide range of mechanical engineering resume template that you can use to fit your condition. Among all, here we have ten kinds of excellent resumes that you can take a look at.

Mechanical Engineering Resume for Fresher

This template is designed for a fresh graduate who wants to land a new job. Written in a simple formatting style, this resume gives thorough information about yourself to the recruiter.

Mechanical Engineering Resume for Internship

If you are looking for a resume for an internship, this can be an option for you. It is easily edited in Ms. Word where you focus on your educational information.

Mechanical Engineering Resume Example

This template provides a simple formatting style with a formal look to create a professional vibe from your resume. It applies to most situations.

Free Mechanical Engineering Resume Template

Created in several formats like Word and Photoshop, you can make use of this template to showcase your skills and experience to impress the recruiter.

Mechanical Engineering Design Resume

This resume template saves your time as you just need a little change here and there. It is simple and written on one page to sum up all the needed information.

Simple Mechanical Engineering Resume for Experience

If you avoid having a flashy resume, this template gives a simple but well-structured style that includes your essential information. It will be a good choice to showcase what you have in front of the recruiter.

Printable Resume for Mechanical Engineer

It is a free and printable mechanical engineer resume. What else do you need? Use this and you need to worry less about how to give the impact on the employer.

Field Engineer Resume Example

This resume template is designed specifically for a field engineer. So, if you happen to apply for the job, use this template and try to shift your attention to other hiring process preparation. The resume has all been taken care of.

Junior Mechanical Engineer Resume Sample

Applying as a junior mechanical engineer needs an impactful resume to impress the employer. This template will show you how to create a detailed resume with the complete needed information.

Railway Engineer Resume Sample

This template is designed for railway engineers who want to seek a career opportunity. Add your qualifications and other information within the space given and you’re ready to go.




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