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Magazine Cover Template to Download for Free


When your job is to publish a magazine, of course you will have to find magazine cover template. The cover is like the first thing people see on the magazine. It will greatly affect whether or not the magazine sells out. This is why the cover must be made interesting enough to get everyone’s attention. Here are some good templates for use here.

Magazine Cover Template Usage


The usage of the magazine cover template is certainly to make everyone’s job easier. When the template is there, making cover can be done easier and quicker. The slots to insert the headline, the date and everything else are already there are ready to use. This is why the template will be so helpful for everyone to use. It is saving your time.

Magazine Cover Template Elements


What are the main elements of a magazine cover? You can find them out here:


  • Name of Magazine

The name of the magazine should be the biggest, boldest words to see there. It should be on the top center of the cover.


  • Main Cover Face

Whether it is a person’s face, food, items, phones or anything, there should be a main cover face to be the background of the cover.

  • Main Headline

What is the biggest news on the magazine? Write them down boldly on the bottom center of the cover.


  • Brief Contents

Write down a brief contents of the magazine on the left and right sides of the cover. It will help readers discover what’s inside the magazine.


Magazine Cover Template Examples


These are some examples of the magazine cover:


Music Magazine Cover

Music magazine cover can feature anything or anyone. It can be featuring musicians or just a illustration of music instrument. Get the example right here.


Sport Magazine Cover

For sport magazine, usually the cover will feature an athlete or anything related to the sport. The cover should look sporty, obviously, and manly.

Fashion Magazine Cover

The glamour type of magazine is a fashion one. The cover is featuring beautiful model or the high-fashion related issues. The example is right here to see.


Tech Magazine Cover

For tech magazine, it will rarely get featured by a person. Usually, the images of new gadgets and phones will be the main face of the cover instead.


Magazine Cover Template Format


The best format for the magazine cover template is a PSD format that you can later edit on Photoshop. However, some people also expect something else in other format, including the one made in Corel Draw (CDR format) or even the simpler one like the one made in Words, if possible. Find the best format that you can be sure that you are capable of editing.


Those are the templates and all the needed explanations for the cover. They are just helpful, especially for those in need of quick, high-quality cover for the magazine they make. This is why the template should be downloaded. Get the magazine cover template now.

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