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Librarian Resume

Librarians have the responsibility to organize and collect library resources. Typically, they work in the local library, government, and schools. If being a librarian is your passion, then you need to write a good librarian resume to get passed to the next hiring process.

Writing an entry-level librarian resume stills requires the candidate to have a certain level of education. Besides, in some cases, the resume must follow the format of the organization or institution. If you don’t find any specific rule about this, use the standard resume format. You can also find some of the librarian resume templates on this page.

Sample Of Librarian Resume

To inspire you in writing the resume, you can read the following example:

Willy Tybur

Phone: (878) 909-900-877

Email: willy.tybur@gmail.com


Communicative, detail-oriented public librarian with 5+ years experience in library management. Strong knowledge of library management, interlibrary loans, as well as fundraising. Developed a strong bond with the top US publishers. Awarded for “Favorite Essay in The Changing Society In The 21 Century, Writing Competition, 2019”. 2020 Ph.D. in Library and Information Science at the University of Kansas. Fluent In French, Japanese, Mandarin, advanced Italian.


Reference Librarian

Katrina Community College, 2013-2018

New Orleans, LA

  • Assisted librarian users using the bibliographical information and another reference both offline and online.
  • Supervised the patrons with the transaction
  • Prepared special reports, and supply orders
  • Assisted and trained the new librarians


2007 MSc Library Science

Karlina University, New York, NY

2011 MSc Management and Administration

Karlina University, New York, NY

2020 Ph.D. Library and Information Science

ABC University, New York, NY

GPA: 3.7

Relevant Coursework: Management, Administration, Basic Accounting

Membership: Bookworm Club

Key Skills

  • Analytical
  • teamwork
  • Time management
  • Interlibrary loans
  • Classification criteria
  • Research


  • Favorite Essay in The Changing Society In The 21 Century, Writing Competition, 2019
  • Best Graduate, 2020




How To Write A Librarian Resume?

The same as writing a regular resume, writing a librarian resume needs to follow the standard format at least. If you are a fresh graduate, you can find endless template options that you can pick. Furthermore, it is important to match the content with the requirements stated in the job listing. The reason why we need to do this is to make sure and the company spots our potential which relates to what they are looking for.

What Are The Skills To Write In A Librarian Resume?

Librarians require different skills which mostly focus on technical things such as:

  • Classification criteria
  • Preservation
  • Cataloging
  • Research
  • Collection Management
  • Interlibrary loans
  • Interpersonal skill
  • Enthusiasm
  • Teamwork
  • jQuery
  • Writing skills
  • Interpersonal

How Do You Write A Librarian Resume?

A goof librarian resume highlights the important duties such as budgeting, organizing, classification, maintaining stocks, collaboration, and offering information to the readers. Typically, the resume should show the qualifications needed as a librarian. Besides, most librarians hold bachelor’s degrees in a typical field. However, it doesn’t mean you should come from the library department, it can be from any major as long as you are capable of handling this position’s jobs.

Kinds of Resumes for Librarian

There are countless templates that you can download on the internet. However, it is very tricky to find a good resume template that can help you highlight your potential. Due to this reason, we provide you the best resume templates that you can edit. Here are some of the best:

School Librarian Resume Sample

If you are interested in working as a librarian in the school, this template should be your first choice. It is a simple template that helps you look impressive with personal details such as your achievements, educational background, experience, etc.

Librarian Assistant Resume Template

This template can be your best media to get the hiring manager’s attention with the resume summary at the top section. We know that a resume summary is important because this summarizes your qualifications and potentially can catch the hiring manager’s attention.

Academic Librarian Resume Template

If you are a specialist in the library world, you need to show your potential that you are capable of managing the tasks. Show your best skills and experience in this field by using this template.

Public Librarian Resume Example

Being a public librarian requires specific skills because they are not only dealing with books and clerical tasks but also people. The best way to show your potentials is by using a good resume template.

Children Librarian Resume Sample

This is a resume format that highlights the qualifications of the candidate. With a tailored structure, you have a bigger chance of getting spotted. Don’t let the chance pass by because you use the wrong format. This template will help you look more professional and outstanding.

Assistant Librarian Resume Template

With limited seats, applying for an assistant librarian can be very challenging. You need this template to make your resume look outstanding because this template allows you to think creatively. If you are new, you can get more ideas by reading the example on this template and then edit it with your version.

Professional Librarian Resume Sample

For a professional level, applicants need more than a standard-formal resume format. They need something that can show the employer they are worthy to get hired. You can use this template if you wish to make a great resume. The good thing about this template is you can use it for another field. Just in case you want to leverage your career in the future.

Entry Level Librarian Resume Template

For you who wants to start a career as a librarian, you need this template to help you look professional and eligible to compete with another professional candidate. Even though you still lack experience, but you can show your best sides such as your ultimate skills that match with the job listing. You can also read the example if you have no idea where to start.


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