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Best Lesson Plan Template Set for Teachers

In order to create well-planned, well-designed, and structured lessons, you may rely on using a lesson plan template. A lot of teacher, educator, trainer, or home-schooling parents have spent significant amount of time to do research and plan their classes before delivering the lesson to students. These templates are created with organized format so you can build neat content and help you prepare before going to the classes.

Lesson Plan Template Purpose

What is lesson plan template? It is a pre-formatted document that’s used as daily guide by the teacher. It contains substance that students have to learn, how the lesson will be taught, and how the learning result will be measured. It helps teacher to provide lesson effectively with the outline for each time segment or class period, so every bit of lesson time can be spent efficiently by teaching meaningful concepts and having packed discussions.

Lesson Plan Template Elements

There are several key elements that need to be considered in order to ensure that the lesson plan is concentrated and tailored to meet what the students need. Below are three main components that must be included in effective and solid lesson:

Learning objective

This is the first thing that must be identified to create a well-designed plan. Try to start from zero, and ask yourself what things you want your students to achieve when the class arrived at the end of the lesson? What are the things that you wish they are able to do with the delivered and learned information? Once you have established the objectives, rank them according to their importance to create the best time management.

List of activities

Activities make up the biggest section and the longest time of a lesson. You have to incorporate various activity plans to explain what you teach during the class. You’d be able to give the students wide range of learning styles by using different teaching and learning activities.


Measurement tool

This section is important for both the students and the teacher. This part is helpful to help you grasp what is understood by the students and how much they retain the information. There are several examples of assessment such as quizzes, group projects, or class discussion.

Lesson Plan Template for Teachers

A lot of teachers and educators find lesson plan template as a useful tool to organize the class. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner teacher who is required to build a detailed plan in order to be approved by your supervisors, or a seasoned teacher. Anyone can use it as a way to keep on track and make sure that the learning experience is effective and efficient enough.

Customizable Lesson Plan Template

Using a lesson plan template allows you to update the plan easily for upcoming classes and doing modification if necessary. If you think the materials you put on the template is no longer relevant, you can easily just edit it and upgrade your plan without having to create it again from scratch.

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