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 Professional-Looking YouTube Banner Template for Free

Having a banner that can reflect your channel is one of the most important parts of using YouTube, of course besides having actual video content. It can be considered as a big billboard for your own channel hat sits at the top of your profile in the platform. Banner is the first thing that people see when they are visiting a channel, so it is related with your potential followers from other social networks account. Good news is, there’s no need hire a professional graphic designer just to create a professional-looking banner. The customizable YouTube Banner Template here will help you to create your own in no time and no sweat.

Free YouTube Banner Template

YouTube banner is usually also referred as Channel Art or Channel Header Image. It is the large banner that’s located at the top part of a channel page. It’s typically used to communicate the channel’s personality and brand visually.

As the banner is the first thing that’s seen by visitors when they visit a channel page, it is important to create a strong and good first impression. The header image can be used to convey main information about the channel too, such as tagline, upload schedule, social network accounts, and so on.

Types of YouTube Banner Template

There are four main types when it comes to YouTube Banner Template image:

A logo

This is the simplest type of banner where you make the logo as a focus of the header image.

A representative image

This is the header image type where you use a picture to portray what the channel is about. As the saying goes, picture can worth more than a thousand words, so there is no need to put a lot of text to reinforce the channel’s brand.

The creator image

This is the kind of banner that used the creator’s photo. It is perfect for channel that shares about personal life and vlogs. To use this banner, you just simply have to get your professional-looking photo taken in static pose. On the other hand, it is also possible to pose in action to show what the creator is most known for.

The collage image

This is a banner that incorporates several images instead of just one. It lets people know the multiple topics that tend to be covered by the channel.

YouTube Banner Template Design

Using a YouTube Banner Template is a great way to have a well-designed header image on your channel. Just one glance and people that visit it can sense what the channel offers to them. By using the template, your profile will have professional look. It also gives recognizable and consistent branding visually which is important for a channel to grow and gain more following.

YouTube Banner Template Image

Luckily, making a YouTube channel is actually not difficult at all. Having a great header image is probably one of the first steps to make high-quality and legitimate channel. The YouTube Banner Template will help you to create it even without design skill or experience. Aside from guiding your design, it helps to ensure that you use the correct dimensions as well.


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