Kitchen Helper Job Description and Its FAQ


For the restaurant, the kitchen helper has an important role to be done. Based on the kitchen helper job description, an individual in this position has some various matters to be performed, such as cleaning, maintaining, preparing, checking stock, and others. As its name, they will help the cooker to make a delicious beverage to be served for the customers.

Kitchen Helper Job Description Template

The manager of the restaurant will hire a hard-working kitchen helper. A person in this position will have the task to maintain the condition of the kitchen. They should clean the environment, check the stock, and preparation needs to make a meal based on the order of the customers.

On another hand, a kitchen helper also has other responsibilities to be handled, such as removing the leftovers from the patrons. They also should make sure that the working areas are properly sanitized, so it is free from bacterial.

To be a successful kitchen helper, a candidate should demonstrate their knowledge about food procedures. They also need to know kinds of common ingredients to be applied in making the restaurant’s menus. All tasks of this agent will be shown on the kitchen helper job description template.

Kitchen Helper Responsibilities

Helping the cooker becomes the main responsibility of the kitchen helper. However, an individual in this position should face some other responsibilities, such as:

  • Preparing meal ingredients based on the needs of the cookers
  • Washing, peeling, cutting, and slicing kinds of ingredients inside the kitchen
  • Assisting the kitchen staff to unload the supplies of ingredients from the delivery trucks
  • Washing and drying all utensils, dishes, cutting boards, and cooking instruments
  • Neatly putting away all cooking instruments, utensils, dishes, and others to the respective places
  • Packing the take-out orders when it is needed
  • Removing the garbage and then changing the bags of garbage
  • Sweeping and mopping the kitchen areas as it is needed
  • Storing the food items and ingredients according to the standard of food safety

Kitchen Helper Requirements  

To be capable of handling all the mentioned responsibilities, a candidate of the kitchen helper should fulfill some needed requirements by the manager. The requirements will be the reference to make sure that the manager gets a talented kitchen helper.

The requirements to be fulfilled are:

  • GED or high school diploma
  • Experiences in helping the settings of the kitchen
  • The license of a food handler
  • Ability to stand for hours
  • Ability to use the kitchen equipment and appliance safely
  • In-depth knowledge for the standard of food safety and procedures
  • Good communication skills both verbal and written
  • Nice organizational skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work with the team

Kitchen Helper FAQ

What are the main duties of the kitchen helper?

Helping the cooker becomes the main duty of the kitchen helper. However, a kitchen helper also prepares detailed ingredients to make a special menu and coordinate with the cooker to please the customers.

Can I edit the posted job description of the kitchen helper here?

All samples of the kitchen helper job description here are editable. You can get it and then personalize detailed information based on the scheme that you want. Just click the download button to get and to save it inside your device.


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