ICU Nurse Job Description and Its Responsibilities

ICU nurse means a registered nurse specializing in delivering cares to patients in the ICU of a hospital or other healthcare facilities. An ICU nurse has duties to evaluate the conditions of the patients, administer treatment, & provide constant supports during recovery. Anyway, it is very important to understand ICU nurse job description in detailed.

ICU Nurse Job Description Template

We are hiring an ICU nurse to provide vital cares to serious ills or injured patients in our ICU. If you are interested to apply for this position, you will be trained intensively to recover patients who experience heart attacks, strokes, and undergone invasive surgery.

You will be required to do some tasks. For example, you need to perform diagnostic tests, conduct follow-up visits, monitor patient recovery, and also respond to medical emergencies. To have a highly-analytical mindset, our candidates will possess excellent communications as well as personal skills.

ICU Nurse Responsibilities

An ICU nurse needs to know her responsibilities. Here are the most common responsibilities for every ICU nurse:

  • Evaluates & monitors the progress of the patients
  • Identifies subtle or sudden changes in the medical condition of a patient
  • Delivers regular updates to patients, their family, and doctors
  • Starts treatments & monitors doses
  • Responds to a medical emergency & alerts the appropriate doctors if needed
  • Cares for patients’ needs through their recovery in ICU
  • Completes all the needed paperwork’s before transferring patients
  • Maintains patient records
  • Makes & implements effective and efficient care plans

ICU Nurse Requirements

If you are interested to apply for an ICU nurse, make sure that you meet the requirements. Here are the requirements you must have:

  • Nursing bachelor’s degree or other relevant fields
  • 5-year experience as an ICU nurse
  • Excellent understanding of health technology and information structures
  • Available to work 12 hours per day & night shifts
  • Demonstrates good empathy & skills of communication
  • Ability to work in an emotional and stressful environment

ICU Nurse FAQs

What does an ICU nurse do in an ICU department?

The main task of an ICU nurse is to perform diagnostic tests, conduct follow-up visits, monitor patient recovery, and also respond to medical emergencies. For the detailed tasks, you have to pay attention to her responsibilities as mentioned above.

Can I edit the posted ICU nurse job description here?

Absolutely, you are allowed to edit the job description posted on this page. In fact, this document is customizable. So, after you download the document, you can easily edit. You can add or insert the needed details or removed the unnecessary details.

Do you have interview questions for an ICU nurse?

In this article, we provide a few samples related to interview questions to an ICU nurse. So, you will not only find the ICU nurse job description but also other important information related to an ICU nurse. For the interview questions, you can discover them on the next page.

Description: ICU job description is the list of responsibilities to do and requirements to meet by an ICU nurse so that she can provide the best services to the patients.


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