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How To Create An HR Strategic Plan As A Simple Ways

HR strategic plan must function as a link between human resource management and the overall strategic plan of the organization. This strategic planning needs the assessment of organizational needs and external benchmark comparison whether your HR function is a department of one or many departments. Strategic planning in human resources enables you to access the organization’s overall needs for what services they most want and need. Assessing your external environment and another HR function in different organization opens up areas of possibility for what your HR department can achieve.


5 Ways To Make An HR Strategic Plan

  1. Assess the current HR capacity

The very first step in developing your HR strategic plan is to assess your current staff. Before taking any steps to hire new employees for your organization, it is important to understand the talents you already have. Develop inventory skills for each of your current employees. You can do this in many ways, like asking employees to evaluate themselves in a form of the questionnaire, looking at reviews of past performance, or you can combine that two methods into one method.


  1. Forecast of HR needs

Once you have full the inventory of the resources that you already have, it is time to start estimating the future needs. Does your company need to develop its human resources in numbers? Do you need to stick to your company but increase their productivity or training in new skills? Or are there more potential in the market? Indeed it is important to assess the company’s demand for employees who meet the requirements and supply of these employees within or outside the organization. You must carefully manage the supply and demand.


  1. Develop talent strategies.

After deciding the staffing needs of the company by assessing your current HR capacity and estimating supply and demand, start the process of developing and adding talent. Talent development is a crucial part of a strategic human resource management process. First, you can start the recruitment phase. You start looking for applicants who match the skills needs of the company. This phase can involve posting on the internet like job websites or other social networks. Once you have all the qualified applicants, start to conduct interviews and evaluate the skills to determine the most suitable talent for the organization.


  1. Review and evaluate the plan

After your hr strategic plan is available for a certain period of time, you can evaluate whether the plan has helped the organization to achieve its goals or not. Factors such as production, employee retention, profits, and employee satisfaction. If all goes well, continue with the plan, but if there are obstacles along the way, you can always change various aspects to improve the needs of the company. 

Now that you already know the steps for the HR strategic plan, it is time to adapt these steps to your own organization or company and determine how to implement them.

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