HR coordinator job description and its FAQ

The HR coordinator has administrative duties for the human resources department for any type of organization. In other words, Human Resources (HR) coordinator will help the HR manager with recruiting effort and arranging the interview for potential employees. Therefore, creating an HR coordinator job description is important because it shows detailed information about the job.

The HR coordinator job description template 

Searching for an HR Coordinator should be careful because it has a big role in the company. You need to find the HR coordinator with outstanding written, verbal, and also interpersonal communication skills. Those abilities are important because an HR coordinator will be expected to be a conceptual thinker with fantastic organizational and also time management.

Besides, the HR coordinator also will do excellent administrative and IT skills with the ability to multitask. They will have plus value to adapt in a fast-paced environment.

To succeed in the HR coordinator, you also need to display solid problem solving and also decision-making skills of course with deep experience of an employee relationship. The top candidate for this job position should be fantastic at managing conflict and also effective at the schedule in the recruitment process.

The HR coordinator responsibilities 

Being an HR Coordinator, you need to know some of its responsibilities. The HR coordinator responsibilities descriptions are:

  • Help with all internal and external HR related inquiries or demand
  • Keep both hard and digital copies of the employees’ record
  • Help with the recruitment process by classifying the candidate, act the reference test and concern the employment contract
  • Help with the performance management actions
  • Create any agenda meetings, interviews, HR events and also maintain the schedule
  • Support the HR function to ensure the payroll accuracy
  • Maintain the employee’s relations and keeping the employee records
  • Keep up to date with the latest HR trends and best practice
  • Encourage the other assigned function
  • Create and submit the reports on the general HR activity

The HR coordinator Requirements 

Besides, you also need to know some requirements for this job position. The HR coordinator requirement descriptions are:

  • Bachelor degree in Human Resources or related field
  • Having more than 2 years’ experience as an HR coordination
  • Contact to labor law and employment fairness regulation
  • Great experience of the HR function and best practices
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills
  • Work well under pressure and meet the tight deadlines
  • Awesome organizational and time management skills
  • Solid decision-making and problem-solving skills

The HR coordinator FAQs

What does an HR coordinator do?

The main duty of the HR coordinator is completing the administrative duties for the human resources department of any organization. They commonly will help HR managers with recruitment, employee records, and so forth. Those are commonly written on the HR coordinator job description template.

Can I edit the HR coordinator job description here?

Of course, you can. The HR coordinator job description document here is editable. You can edit and change the HR coordinator job description suitable for your company’s needs. Because of that, you will get the best candidate to work with.



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