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Graphic Design Resume Template Proper Components and Designs

Company will check the resume to pick the right person for opening vacancy. As long as you can fulfil the requirement, you can apply and enter the selection process. For graphic design, the resume also has critical point. You must give the best you can do, and graphic design resume template will be a great help.

From the resume, you can tell the character and skill. Graphic designers can utilize this one to increase the chance to be accepted. Of course, some tests and interview are necessary to ensure the candidates have the relevant skill and capability. At least, they try to impress with the elegant and attractive resume.

Graphic Design Resume Template Idea

You can use any template for resume. Some companies do not care much about such thing. They only see the relevant components. Any design can be accepted as long as it is not too much. On the other side, few of them consider resume as the right method for preliminary selection. If the design is dull and plain, the chance is low, unless the credential is excellent.

Graphic design resume template is useful as reference and guide. You might be a graphic designer and have experience in creating some designs. In that case, finding the right template for such purpose is not big issue. With the template, you only need to do few adjustments, and then the layout already represents your resume.

Graphic Design Resume Template Layout

Layout for resume consists of several sections. Mostly, it starts with area to descript the basic information. After that, you can see the sections for education, past work, experience, skill, and license. The last one is portfolio as the attachment or hyperlink.

Graphic Design Resume Template Components

The next section explores more graphic design resume template with its components. The resume has standard items that must be available.

Basic information

First thing you see on resume is the basic information. It contains the name, contact information, address, and other relevant things that company must know. You can use the resume either with photo or not. Make sure you conduct the research to find out the company culture and character before making a resume.

Education and training

The next part is education and training. This is interesting because most designers often do not have formal education related closely to their skill. They may come from social studies, language, politic, economic, engineering, science, math, and anything. Of course, the formal education still has strong value. After education, the training is also good item to be on the resume.


The most important thing in this resume is experience. Even though your education is far from graphic design, experience will tell different story. You have been working with several companies related to graphic design.


After experience, the resume must provide portfolio. Today, this part is enough for explaining skill. Make sure you select the best and the most proper portfolio.

Graphic Design Resume Template Formats

The format for graphic design resume template should be made based on the nature of business and employer. Keep in mind the attractive design is something irresistible to reject. However, the company also considers few aspects, such as experience and portfolio. The resume represents yourself, and it should be equal with the quality of portfolio.

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