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Best Graduation Card Template for Graduates in All Level of Education

Want to show a graduate of how proud you are over them? A graduation card might be a perfect tool to help you do it. Whether you were invited to a graduation party, ceremony, or being invited but unable to attend, giving celebratory card to the graduate to appreciate their accomplishment is important. Use graduation card template to assist you creating a proper and well-designed one.

Customizable Graduation Card Template

In a blink of an eye, you’ve finally witnessed your wonderful child, sibling, cousin, or nephew walking in front of so many people and walk across stage to receive their diploma. When the tassel is flipped and cap is tossed, you’ve realized of how grown up they actually are. It is definitely a time to gather the right words in order to let them know that you are so proud.

Graduation is not the end, rather it is the beginning step into the new stage of life. One thing that cannot be absent from this important event is a graduation card. It might not need to contain fancy and big words, but of course you need more than just a short “Congrats!” in the memo line.

Aside from helping with the design, graduation card template may guide you to figure out what to write in it. The template is available as free printable resources with different layout styles. Simply pick the template that you want and customize it to make the card more personal.

Graduation Card Template Messages

There are several types on messages to include in the graduation card. Below are three of the most common types that used by most people:

Congratulatory messages: congratulatory type of graduation message is probably the most basic and versatile option that you have. It is the most appropriate type of message if you aren’t that close with the graduate because it feels less personal.

Inspirational message: inspirational type of message is ideal to get the graduate excited about the upcoming future and looking forward to it. The words of encouragement might be very much needed after they went through a lot of things in order to earn their degree.

Funny message: funny lines are perfect if you want to lighten up the mood and avoid to be very serious. It is also suitable to use if you know that your humor match with the graduate.

Printable Graduation Card Template

The printable graduation card template is available for free in this page. It is easy to use as all the elements are already put inside. All you have to do is just to download, add text message, and print it. To achieve best result, use cardstock paper instead of normal computer paper.

Free Graduation Card Template

The graduation card template design will fit and make the graduate happy – whether they are graduating from primary school, middle school, high school, or college. The template can also be turned into invitation card or thank you card as long as it matches with the graduation theme.


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