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Free Customizable Gift Certificate Template for Business

Gift certificate is a great promotional tool for a business to optimize their brand awareness and revenue. It enables the company to make their business stands out and distinctive amongst other competitors. Do you have no idea of how to create one? No worries, as you can always simply use a gift certificate template as an easy and practical way to make your own.

Business Gift Certificate Template

Gift certificate is typically referred as gift card as well in North America. In the UK, it is more commonly known as gift token or gift voucher. This certificate is a prepaid debit card that issued by business, retailer, or bank, as another cash alternative in case you make a purchase within the related store or business. It is also usually given out by organizations or employers as rewards or gift, just as the name implies.

Besides that, this piece of card can be used as a part of promotion strategy. It is distributed with the purpose to get the recipient to come by or return. It is called cash cards when used at times like this. Generally, you are only able to redeem the money just for purchase at the relevant business and it cannot be turned into cash. In several cases, the issuer may put expiration date to the certificate.

Customizable Gift Certificate Template

A personalize gift certificate template is a customizable document to make the card unique only to your business. There are plenty of ways to do this customization, such as:

  • Using the font that match with your business brand
  • Picking the images, which can be found online or by putting your own picture
  • Changing the background as an extra creative element to the design
  • Adding the irrelevant text that contain information about your business that you want to put on the certificate

Gift Certificate Template Types

Gift voucher or card is a simple present to give to customers, friends, or family. It is a great tool to introduce your business as well as an amazing income source if you decided to sell it. Over the time, you might sell the certificate online, send it via e-mail, or print it out and give it directly.

There are two common types of gift certificate template:

Fixed amount

It is a type of gift card that’s typically sold to the customers. This card may include name and amount of value to make it easy if your customers buy the voucher for their family member or a friend.

Custom amount

It is a type of gift card that its value is set at time of the sale. It is perfect to use if there’s a customer who want to buy the gift cards with specific amount of value.

Free Download Gift Certificate Template

Any gift certificate template here can be downloaded, personalized, and printed for free. You can customize it by writing any information that you want to include, adjusting the font, or changing the design elements such as the spacing, layout, or images.


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