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Gantt Chart Template for Project to Download for Free

Have you ever had to deal with project that requires you to do multiple tasks, face different people, and what’s not? You cannot let the entire plan go haywire and face serious repercussions just because you missed the deadline. Now, the best way to avoid this problem is by having visual insight of the schedule, so you know when the team should complete each activity and who is responsible for it. Gantt chart is the perfect solution for this type of matter.

Gantt Chart Definition

Gantt chart is not something that commonly heard in everyday conversation. This helpful tool actually contains a visual view of scheduled tasks on specific period of time. It is used for planning projects in all sizes. It is very useful to show you which work need to be done on a particular day. It assists you by providing simple view of the project along with its start and end dates.

Some information that’s usually included in this type of chart are:

The date when project start

The list of tasks in the project

The person that works on each task

The start and finish date of each task

The tasks that related or overlapped with each other.

The date when project finish

Gantt Chart Elements

Any template of this chart must enable the team project to perform listed functions below:

  • Project planning: the chart helps to visualize the plot of all tasks, the phases, the milestones, and how they work against the schedule. You have to establish the scope, time and budget measurement, determine all the requirements, distribute the deliverables and milestone, then calculate the available resources and time.
  • Project tracking: the chart helps you to keep in track with all the progression related to work, such as the beginning, the monitored risk, and deviations from set schedule.
  • Task management: the chart allows you to be aware of any new assignment. It also provides a viewable to-do list of each assigned task along with the start and due dates.
  • Resource management: it lets you assign tasks to specific person, prevent conflicted schedules, and see the available or relevant person.
  • Collaboration: project managers have to focus on the project requirements, the assigned person, and the person that have knowledge about the tasks.

Gantt Chart Template

The Gantt chart template is available online to ease the burden of doing project. It is especially suitable if you are doing a collaborative or shared planed, because the template can be shared online. You can invite anyone that’s related to the project and distribute the chart. That way, they can give input or update the chart right away. The fact that this chart template is totally free means you don’t need to pay for installations unlike software that usually required installation or license cost.

Get Gantt Chart for Free

The free resource of Gantt chart template is designed to be suitable for professional use. The template contains rich visualization that makes communication works easier. The format and layout are crafted to contain simple yet impressive graphic so it can be easily understood by both the executives and the clients.

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