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Funeral Program Template Designs and Model


Using funeral program template is probably the wisest decision from a funeral director. Instead of making the program all on their own, they can always use template. Funeral is a sad, sometimes heart-wrenching occasion and the program booklet is usually used to pay even more respect to the decease and their families. Here are more explanations about the program booklet.

Funeral Program Template Importance


When everyone is coming to funeral, usually the first thing they receive on the front door or entrance is the funeral program booklet; it is like your good, old-fashioned program booklet to give information throughout the event. However, since it is a mourning occasion, usually there will be parts where the information of the deceased is displayed as well on the funeral program template.

Funeral Program Template Key Essentials


What should be found on the templates? Here are the answers:


  • Front Cover

The front cover is like the most important part of the booklet. It has usually the deceased’s picture as well as their name to give quick information about the occasion.


  • Table of Contents

Every funeral is different, according to the deceased’s family. It can be sermon-filled, it can be remembrance-filled and many more. The table of content helps the guest figuring it out.

  • The Deceased Information

Respecting the deceased in their own funeral is important. That is why displaying his information, written nicely of course, is always in the booklet.


  • Song Text

Some families like the service to be full of songs, to make sure the guests can keep it up, the song texts are usually displayed on the booklet.


Funeral Program Template Best Designs


For the designs, these are some of the most common ones to find on a funeral booklet:


Mourning Design

As the event is for mourning, usually the design is not too far from typical morning design, such as black-dominated themed on the front and back cover.


White Angelic Design

Some people just think that white is better to express the loss. White is like the color of peace and heaven and such a great design for a remembrance.

Rainbow Design

When the deceased was just a very loved person, usually the family prefer to have unforgettable send-off. Rainbow design is usually chosen and preferred here.


Themed Design

Just like any other occasion, funeral has their own themes, actually. It is all up to the deceased’s family and the booklet can be designed according to the theme.


Funeral Program Template Tips


In creating the program booklet, make sure you consult everything to the client. You do not want to disrespect the decease and their family. Please understand that they have been in hell enough for dealing with their relative’s demise and handling them offensive or unsuitable design for the booklet can be quite harsh. This is why using funeral program template must be done carefully.

Those are some of the most important things that you have to understand while making the funeral program booklet. The templates right there will help you out but please understand that you need to consult with their family first before deciding on which funeral program template to use.


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