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The Proper Funeral Announcement Template Layout

When someone is passed away, you need to announce it. For such purpose, funeral announcement template comes into the right place. You cannot just write a simple message and share it with others. It is appropriate, but not the proper way.

The deceased deserves the last honor before funeral. With this template, you can make an announcement easily and properly. With various designs and styles, you just pick the one that’s suitable with your situation. Moreover, each funeral is unique and specific.

Funeral Announcement Template Purposes

The main purpose of funeral announcement template is you can make an announcement quickly and easily. The funeral takes place few hours even up to three days. People will come and see for the last time. In short period, the announcement must be ready.

Funeral Announcement Template Design and Concept

The design adopts simplicity with plain style. Usually, the background is white, and some patterns are added to make it more elegant. The concept is you know the deceased and related information about the funeral.

Funeral Announcement Template Components

You will learn more about funeral announcement template after exploring the components. You have two or more cards that contain this topic. The style is simple, and each of them has different contents. In general, they still use the same components.

Background and title

It starts with the background and title. The card has decoration related to funeral. It can be just plain design, but adding some patterns will create elegant style. The title will explains the entire content. This part is already fixed words. Even though you can edit it, make sure everything is in the right order.

Name and photo

The main component is the name and photo. This part shows the deceased’s complete name. If he/she is important person, add the additional extension in the name. On the other hand, this part can be at the below after the name. The photo should be the latest taking, but some people often choose the best one during his/her life.

Date and time

Date and time include birthdate, and when the funeral will be. Some templates do not need to put the birthdate, but the date of funeral is mandatory. People just want to know when to be in the funeral on time.

Award, honor, and contribution

You can put information related to work, professional honor, contribution, or anything to signify the deceased. Even though a person is just commoner, there is always something to remember.

Additional information

Any additional information will be in this part. The announcement has to be simple and brief, but the complete format explores more.

Funeral Announcement Template Formats

The format for funeral announcement template has two main options. You can pick the simple or complete one. If the purpose is to ensure everyone know about this situation, the simple template is the best option. You only put the necessary contents. On the other hand, you may choose the complete template with several items that are quite similar to the resume. This is only for special situation.


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