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Flash Card Template: What to Do and How to Bring More Fun with It

The perfect age for toddlers is called as golden age. If you have a child that’s younger than five, it is your rightest time to instill them with basic knowledge, such as numbers, alphabets, or any simple vocabularies to enrich their word bank. To achieve that, flashcards should help. Flash card allows you to introduce those words to kids in a fun way since it is generally equipped with images to illustrate. Wonder how to have your flashcards? Save your wallet from being ‘thin’ by making it yourself. All you need are your computer, a printer, and also the flash card template to quicken the process.

Types of Flash Card Template

There are various template types for flashcards. Generally, you can divide it based on its function.

Vocabulary flashcards

Vocabulary flashcards are designed to help children memorize new words suitable for their age. Flashcards are believed to boost children verbal knowledge. You can quiz your children by using the 2-sides flashcards, containing the term and its definition in each side. Images can also be added to get the children’s interest.

Mathematics flashcards

Use these if you desire to play ask-and-answer regarding math lessons such as addition, multiplication, or vice versa. For toddlers, you can adjust the lesson so that it won’t be too difficult for kids their age.


Alphabets flashcards

Basic knowledge to almost everything – yes, alphabets! Make the flashcards to be containing HQ drawings on one side, while in another you can put the first letter that corresponds. The drawings can be animals, fruits, and even occupations.


Rhyme flashcards

Although it is kind of rare to be used for toddlers, you can train them to differ the words having the same rhyme. Some examples include hat-cat, rain-train, send-sand, etc.

How to Style Flash Card Template

To style your flash card template means you need to be artsy. Some tips are as follows:

Use different shapes for different flashcards, don’t only use rectangles.

Play the colors. Flashcards will be more interesting if colorful.

Use high-quality images, preferably those illustration ones. You can download free images in many stock photo websites.

Make the font contrast to the image. Use ‘child-friendly’ fonts.

Once you’ve printed it, you can make it thicker by gluing it on card box. That way, your flashcards will be much durable.

How to Create Flashcards Using Flash Card Template

Starting from your fingertip, find flash card template on the internet. You will find many sites offering templates on various file types. Make sure you have the application to open the template file once it is downloaded.

Then, launch the application and open the template through it. Pour your creativity and enhance the flashcards with decent images. Save the file and print it on any media you like.

Bringing More Fun Using the Flash Card Template

Flash card template makes it possible to cut time so you will have more time to play with your lovely kids. To bring more fun during the learning process, you can play some games. For example, lip-reading for vocabulary flashcards, duel (you need another kid to play this game), or maybe a time-bomb game for those math flashcards. If you can make it fun, why should you be serious?


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