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Field Trip Permission Slip Template, a Shortcut to a Professional-looking Field Trip Slip


Field trip is a fun thing to carry out periodically, since students can learn directly from the working place itself. Every student is supposed to join the event since the trip will help them to better explain the theories learned in class. Unfortunately, not everyone permits their children to join this school-conducted educational trip. Hence, to convey the information regarding the trip as well as ensuring parents to permit their children to join the field trip, a field trip permission slip is issued. The field trip slip can be made using a field trip permission slip template. Using a template, creating such a printed slip will be much easier.

Field Trip Permission Slip Template Components

To create a field trip permission slip, a template should have these listed below as essential components:


  • A letterhead

A letterhead plays as the space to show the identity of the field trip organizer. Without it, the letter will look less accountable. Therefore, a template should have this section as well.

  • Information regarding the field trip

This is a must in a field trip permission slip. School should inform where the field trip will take place and for how long the trip will be conducted. Hence, to load this into the slip, a field trip permission slip should own enough space to explain about the event.

  • The slip itself

The slip contains participant identity, as well as the parents’ or guardians’ statement related to the permission for joining the field trip. At the end of the slip, there should be a space to add a signature of the statement maker.


Why Should You Use a Field Trip Permission Slip Template?


Time efficiency

Oftentimes, you are in such a busy day planning for the trip. Since there are loads to take care of, make your burden less burdensome by making the permission slip through a template. A field trip permission slip template will take less time since you only have to edit the text (if you depend on the look 100% on the template without changing it).

A way to look more professional

As a teacher, you have to be and look accountable. Making a trivial thing such as a permission slip just the way it is will make you be labeled as ‘lazy’ or ‘not accountable’. While graphic design is a not-easy skill to achieve, you can conceal it up by using a template to make printed papers.


Field Trip Permission Slip Template Recommended File Types


In general, some templates are compatible with image editor applications or word processor applications. Any type of field trip permission slip template will work if you are capable to operate both applications. But, if you are lacking in graphic design or haven’t learned any bits of it, you are then recommended to use a word processor friendly template file. File size-wise; the templates in .doc/.docx format are lighter.

How to Use Field Trip Permission Slip Template


After browsing through various templates on the net and download one that befits your preferences, it’s time to customize the field trip permission slip template. First, you should launch the relevant application then open the template file through the running application. After that, you can customize the template, especially on the text part. To make the file more functional, save the file, and you can print the template itself.


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