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Event Program Template Excellent Layout and Design

You are in charge for making an event program. This task will provide the guideline for planning the upcoming event. You should enlist the timeline alongside the activities with their deadlines. Moreover, you must create this program to be readable and functional, but still looks stylish. In this case, the event program template seems to be the thing you need the most.

With the template, you can make several events programs, even though the key contents are relatively similar. You just focus on the activities, logo, program name, and timeline. The layout and component are already in place.

Event Program Template Purposes

Before finding the right event program template, the first thing you should know is the purpose. Planning event is the complex task. You must check the date, venue, budget, people, and many things. To ensure everyone knows what to do, you should prepare the program that explains when, what, and where.

It starts with the timeline, and each date has specific task or activity. After that, you need to explain one by one regarding the things that must be done. Furthermore, include the location or place where the activity supposed to be. This is the basic thing you should know about the event program.

Event Program Template Design and Layout

Event program uses the design and layout that’s easy to understand. Usually, it has two main sections: time and activity. After that, you should put the location, including some photos or maps if necessary. People will know when and where to go.

Event Program Template Components

Event program template has several components that are considered as the most important things. You may change and add anything as long as they are in this program. Check the following list for more explanation.

Program name

It requires program name, such as meeting, seminar, party, exhibition, concert, book fair, etc. You can choose the name that represents the entire contents. This part is written at the top section. After reading the name or title, people know what to expect on the rest of component.


Date and timeline

Date is the first thing you should prepare and determine. You should pick the exact date and time to avoid delay. From beginning until the end, you already make timeline.

List of activities

Each date has activity or task, including duration. You have to specify the things to do as clear and simple as possible. This section is side by side with timeline.


Place, location, and venue

You also need to add places or venues. The entire activities will be in the same location. After that, you should allocate the time and activity into the right place.


Additional information

If all key components are not enough, add few things that are necessary to be done in your event program. This section is useful when something unexpected happens.

Event Program Template Formats

Event program template consists of several formats. In general, it is easier when you use spreadsheet. One particular date or time will have correspondence with the activity and place. The drawback is lack of style and attractive design. As solution, you can pick the template that’s usually compatible with graphic design software.

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