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Professionally Designed Event Invitation Templates

Nowadays you’d be able to find so many options regarding event invitations. It might be tricky to know which type of invitation, from traditional paper to digital ones that will suit your event the best. Even though the format has advanced with time, using invitation is still a relevant practice today just as it was. Use these event invitation templates as the first point of contacting your attendees, build the excitement, and set the tone before the day comes up.

Free Event Invitation Templates

Invitation is the start of an event, where you are supposed to create first impression. To connect with your potential attendees, you have to incorporate interesting invitation with all essential details inside that encourages people to come into your event.

Don’t have enough time to design the invitation? Try to use one of the event invitation templates that available here in this page. They are all professionally designed and can be downloaded for free. Whether you are looking for invitation for format gathering like baby shower or informal event such as pool party, you’d be able to create appealing invitations without spending much of your time and energy.

Event Invitation Templates Types

Here are three common types of event invitation:


It is the most traditional type of invitation – mostly used by aristocrats of high society in the past for social events. It carried sense of exclusivity back then, because it was only sent to ‘worthy’ people. Just receiving an invitation was considered as an honor. Several fancy elements such as wax seals and calligraphy were also incorporated into it.


A few centuries after printing press was introduced to public, the use of printed invitation for commercial purpose increased in US. However, as the world was still affected by World War I, it was reserved for elite or wealthy ones only because of its expensiveness. Nowadays, printed invitation is available easily at affordable price, with more options regarding designs and effects. The quality of color printers is also getting better.


With the introduction of technology and widely accessible communication, it is now common to send invitation via digital means. Several options are ready to use such as e-mail, social media, or event mobile application. This type of invitation does not follow the old formal rules or etiquette.

Event Invitation Templates Designs

To meet your organization or company’s needs, the wide variety of event invitation templates are provided for you to select them. There are plenty of design themes available, such as classic, modern, minimalist, formal, or sophisticated to match with different events like business dinner, charity events, corporation picnic, employee appreciation, or save the date. You can personalize the template by adding text, photos, logo, or color of your company.

Download Event Invitation Templates

Event invitation templates are perfect to use if you don’t have enough design skill but want to create professional-looking invitations. All the printable templates are free to download, with the option to customize the template. Just scroll down through the page to find the suitable template for your special event.

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