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Easily Write Essays With An Essay Plan Template

An essay is an article that contains the opinions of the author on a particular subject that the author is evaluating. Essay writing is very useful because it can improve your writing skills. In essay writing, you need to know the parts. Without knowing part of the essay you will have difficulty writing it. So, it is advisable to write essays more often so that your writing skills improve. To make writing essays easier, you need an essay plan template. Why? Because the template has been divided into essays and you only need to write the contents.


The Sections Of The Essay Plan Template

Like the previous explanation that in the essay plan templates there are already parts of the essay and the author can easily follow the parts of the template. The following are the parts.


  1. First part: topic

The initial part of the essay plan templates is the topic. This section you fill in with the topic of the essay that you will discuss. Do not need long sentences, just short enough to be able to explain the topic that you take for the essay you write. For example, it is an essay on psychology.


  1. Second part: introduction

After writing your essay topic, the second part is the introduction. Write this section with an initial explanation that introduces the discussion you took. You can also take your background on the topic. In the essay plan templates, the introduction section is under the topic. In this section, you must understand how to start a persuasive essay, so that the essay you write attracts readers.


  1. Third part: topic sentence

The next part of the essay plan template is the topic sentence. The point is this section is the sentence which is the main sentence of each paragraph that you will make in the essay. This main sentence is the sentence that you can further develop into the contents of the essay.


  1. Fourth part: body paragraph

The fourth part of the essay plan templates is part of the contents of the essay. It contains various sentences you write about the main sentence of each paragraph that you have specified and also about the topic that you will discuss in the essay. The number of sentences you write matches the required topic.


  1. Fifth part: last sentence

The purpose of the fifth part of the essay plan templates is that the last sentence of each paragraph must be related to the next paragraph. Although the paragraphs differ, the topics discussed are still the same, so that the last sentence of each paragraph can still be combined with the sentence in the next paragraph.


  1. Last part: conclusion

The last part of the essay plan templates is the conclusion. The contents of the conclusion are a summary of all your opinions in the essay. This section is the part that ends your essay. If it’s already in the conclusion section it means that you’ve finished writing the essay.

Make an essay if you already understand the parts it is certainly easy when writing it. But if you do not know much less understand the parts of the essay, surely you will have difficulty when writing. So, having an essay plan template you will be helped.

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