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Drinks Menu Templates and Samples for Your Restaurant Business

The key to marketing plan of a restaurant is by having appealing menu design. The menu design must be able to express the personality of your eatery, while promotes the overall operations, focus on profitability, keep the budget on track, and make your brand fresh in the mind of your customer. The drinks menu templates will let you to have attractive menu design to showcase the beverage options stylishly.

High-Quality Drinks Menu Templates

Menu is the primary representation of a restaurant. It speaks about what it really is by conveying the restaurant’s personality through design. It must be able to create impression that stays with the customers, making them want to come back to the restaurant after leaving it. The menu design portrays the brand of the restaurant, so the diners feel content and excited to be there then recommend the place to family and friends.

As your menu should capable to express personality of your restaurant, you have to think about design style that can represent its image the best. Is the restaurant providing luxurious fine-dining experience? Or is it all about offering casual and cozy vibes? Whatever image you’re targeting for, feel free to browse drinks menu templates that available here.

Drinks Menu Templates Tips

Not only a proper menu will help to set positive experience for the customer, but also help to optimize profitability. Whether you use the template to start a new menu book or upgrading your current one, here are four useful tips to create a good drink menu:

Separate the drink menu from food

In general, it is advised to separate beverage menu for most establishments. Having them separated is more practical and will showcase the options better for customers than a crowded list.

Add descriptions on each drink

Some drinks contain more complicated ingredients than a simple ice tea. Make sure you list the ingredients from the main to complement substance. It is also possible to describe the flavor or brief history about the drink.

Create creative names

It shouldn’t be an afterthought to put unique names for the drink. Get creative for picking profitable name because there is no thumb rule regarding it. You may use puns, quotes, pop culture reference, seasonal description, and so on.

Format the prices strategically

It has been generally known that formatting the drink menu from the most to least expensive typically lead to more profitable result. Different group of beverages must differ at minimum one dollar so your customers can see the distinction.

Best Drinks Menu Templates

Drinks menu templates may not be as sought or as prominent as the food one. However, it has just as big contribution to the restaurant sales. Hospitability business has plenty of opportunities and challenges to make the beverage menu more profitable to the venue.

Free Drinks Menu Templates

The drinks menu templates provide ready-made design to create professional-looking marketing materials for culinary business. Download now and customize the templates with all the artwork, images, and layouts inside.

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