Director Of Development Job Description – List Of Duties And Skills To Know


The director of development has a job to oversee the fundraising projects and build the relationship between the organization and individuals. It is also known as the chief development officer or CDO. If you want to learn further about this position, you can read our summary about the director of the development job description.

The Duties In The Director Of development Job description

To be a successful and professional director, you must perform the following tasks:

  • Making collaboration with other boards for creating fundraising projects.
  • Making collaboration with the communication team to make marketing concepts and digitalizing fundraising projects.
  • Providing progress reports regularly.
  • Make collaboration to strengthen the relationship with donors and attract new donators.
  • Maintaining the relationship between existing donators and organization.
  • Looking for financial supports from businesses, organizations, and individuals.
  • Holding special events for fundraising.
  • Making various materials such as case statements and also grants.
  • Overseeing and managing the development software.
  • Overseeing staff that they are responsible for the process of gift and data entry.


List of Skills required In The Director development Job Description

To be a successful applicant, you need to have various skills as your job will be mostly about building relationships with donors and creating fundraising events. The following skills are important to have.

  • Having an excellent proficiency in sponsorship solicitation.
  • An excellent mastery in computation.
  • A good capability in operating MS Office and CRMs.
  • Having good knowledge and capability in handling social media.
  • Having good knowledge in best practices.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • A good capability in working independently or team.
  • Having the willingness to work in flexible times especially during evenings and weekends.

Note that to work in this position you also need to fulfill other requirements such as degrees. Because this position deals with fundraising, then you must be from non-profit management, business, or other related fields. Having experience in selling and business is also a good start.

If you think you have met the criteria in the direction of the development job description, you can take the following objective statements in the following list:

  • Working in a non-profit organization is my dream for the past years. Knowing your organization is opening for a new position, I would like to apply as a director of development.
  • I am willing to use all of my skills and knowledge in my field as I ever worked in the business industries. Now I would like to apply as a director of development.
  • With years of experience working in a non-profit organization, I am ready to share my experience and work together with your organization as a director of development.
  • Working in a non-profit organization is something that I have been dreaming of for a long time ago. Knowing your organization is looking for a new candidate, I am ready to apply.
  • With experience in working as the director of development in several non-profit organizations, I am ready to share my experience and work with other professionals in your organization.

That’s all our short resume about the director of the development job description. We hope this will give you some information about this position.

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