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Dance Resume Template for Dancers and Choreographers


Using dance resume template is something wise to do as you do not need to construct the whole thing right from the start. Anyone who is now currently looking for the template to make a dance resume should find several helpful templates down below. Here they are and find out some explanations about the resume here, too.

Dance Resume Template Importance


The importance of the resume is to show off your skill and experiences in dancing. Some theater and studios won’t risk their credibility by hiring bad dancers. That is why they will scrutinize on the resume really well before accepting anyone. This is the reason why making a good resume out of dance resume template is essential.

Dance Resume Template Content


The resume of a dancer should contain these pieces of information:


  • Dance Performances

Since this is a resume of a dancer, you should expect to find the list of performance done by the dancer as well as some of their highlighted shows.

  • Skills

Every dancer has different skill. State the dancing skill you have on the resume so that the theater or the company is willing to hire you as dancer there.

  • Education

If you have special education for dancing, such as going into art academy or dancing studios, you should write it down on the resume.

  • Contact Information

Never ever forget to list contact information on the resume. That is the only way the company can contact you after they have made their decisions.


Dance Resume Template Examples


Here are some examples of the dance resume that you can use as template:


  1. Dance Teacher Resume

For dance teachers out there who want to make a good resume, this is the example of a resume of a dance teacher that can be used absolutely for free.

  1. Ballet Dancer Resume

Ballet is not the kind of dance that can be learnt overnight. That is why ballet dancers are sought everywhere as they are quite hard to find these days. This is the resume template for them.

  1. Professional Dancer Resume

If you have been dancing professionally for years, the template of resume to download must be the one addressed to the professionals, too. This is the example of the resume.

  1. Traditional Dancer Resume

Many people do not do traditional dances anymore. If you still do, you may have bigger chance in getting hired everywhere. Use this template to make the resume.


Dance Resume Template Download


Download the dance resume template by clicking the download button. After that, you can edit the template using Microsoft Word of PDF editor as most of the formats of those templates are in doc and PDF. If they are in need to be printed, print them now because those formats are printable formats as well.


Those are some of the best templates you can use for the dance resume. It should help you getting the dancing job you are dreaming of. When you use dance resume template, you do not need to worry about the contents of the resume.



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