10+ Customer Journey Map free template in PSD

Free Customer Journey Map Template to Download


When you own a business, getting customer journey map template is always important. The key asset of your business is your customer and that is why you need to make sure that you can analyze them in details. The customer journey map is quite helpful in doing so. Here, you can get a few examples of the map and you can use them all for free.

Customer Journey Map Template Importance


Having a great relationship with your customers is just a blast. You can get numerous benefits from having loyal customer. That is why the customer journey map template is important. It detects and analyze everything that you need to know about your customer’s behavior. You do not even have to make the map on your own as they are available here.

Customer Journey Map Template Key Essentials


Some of the key essentials that can be found on the map are:


  • Customer Needs

The first thing you need to write on the map is what aspects the customers need frequently. It helps you to prepare for what they need in the near future.


  • Customer Phases

At first the customers may have cordial relationship to you. However, as the business progresses, the customer can change phases, too. Write it on the map.

  • Emotional Curve

Customers can have meltdowns as well sometimes. You should record that on a curve and make sure that you won’t make it happen again.


  • Potential Opportunities

There should be many future opportunities with a customer. If so, write them on the map and you can prepare it for the future.


Customer Journey Map Template Design


The design is always important. Here are some good ones for you:


Retail Customer Journey

This is the perfect map design for retail business. It has great design and it should be able to get applied for chain retail shop, online shops and more.


Restaurant Customer Journey

Restaurant customers are different sometimes. You can use the template right here to make a map out of them.

Medical Treatment Customer Journey

If you work at home care or own business in that field, you can use this map template right over here.


Travel and Vacation Customer Journey

If your business revolves around travel and vacation, the map that you should be able to use is the one right over here.


Customer Journey Map Template Format


As the map is going to be visually used, the format should be the one with drawing or editing tools, such as Photoshop or InDesign. You can also use Corel Draw format for the map. However, simpler format like the one in Power Point format is also sought by many people. Decide which customer journey map template you can handle the best and then download them.

Those are some of the best templates you can use. As they are available already, there is no need that you will have to make the map on your very own now. Simply download the customer journey map template and your job is practically done.

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