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Cover Page Template for Various Purposes with Relevant Design

When picking a book, you surely see the cover page. You should submit paper or thesis with cover that provides necessary information. On the other hand, project managers make a report with relevant cover. From such examples, cover page template is definitely necessary to make a proper document.

Cover Page Template Concept

Cover page is usually at the first page of the printed media. The simple example is a book with cover. You can read the title, author or writer, background, date, and any related information. The report also uses this page in the first section. As usual, the title and author are the first things that people read.

You must make a cover that’s strongly related to the entire content or topic. From this cover, readers can grasp what the content and decide whether to read it more or not. In advertising, the cover must be attractive and interactive to engage the audiences. You can use the ready-made template for making any cover page. That’s why you pick cover page template.

Cover Page Template Design and Style

The template is good reference when you need quick cover page. The design and style will adjust with the document you make. The project and reports are formal ones, which mean the style for cover page should be strict and official. On the other hand, you can make the casual cover for advertising and event. Academic publication and journal use cover with the relevant template.

Cover Page Template Components

The next section explores the key components that every cover should have. They are on the cover page template. Check the list below for more explanation.

Background and title

The cover may have plain background since it is for academic field. On contrary, attractive background is necessary when you create a cover for book and advertising, including the event. After that, you can prepare the title that represents topic, content, and purpose.


Author or writer

At the front cover, you can add section for author or writer. Keep in mind this part should be adjusted to the type of document. For example, the research paper and thesis will use the list of authors. Business report contains the writer, such as the department or company name.

Brief introduction, statement, or short description

Another component is section for brief introduction, statement, or short description. You are preparing the business proposal, and the title is done. After that, you can add two or three sentences that summarize your content.


Date and time

Date and time are important parts on the cover page. You know a report is from the last year after seeing the date. The paper is already published last month according to the date at the front cover. Every publishing material must have the date.

Cover Page Template Platform

Creating a formal cover page is the easiest thing. You do not need a picture or fancy style because the document must be official. In this case, cover page template is available with simple layout. On contrary, you can get the attractive style for cover page.

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