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Contact Sheet Template and Samples

You must have contact list in your phone or device. It contains the name, ID, and number. This is the example of contact sheet. For more functional use, the sheet has various styles, depending on the purpose and business. To make the proper one, you can use contact sheet template.

The template is useful to organize and manage all contacts. You need them as a part of your life and business. Furthermore, having this sheet will show that you are people with excellent management skill. Choose the template that’s capable to suit your needs.

Contact Sheet Template Samples

More samples will give a perspective about contact sheet template. Some of them are listed at the below section.

  • Family and friends contact sheet
  • Emergency call list
  • Employee contact sheet
  • Clients and customer contact sheet
  • Parent contact sheet

Contact Sheet Template Layout

Usually, one sheet has table with several columns. Each is for item, such as name, ID, number, etc. On the other side, you often see a sheet for person or ID. For example, school has contact sheet that contains details about students and parents.

Contact Sheet Template Components

To understand more about contact sheet template, you should start from knowing the components. Check the following section for further explanation.


Header is the title to ensure the contents are relevant. For example, you can make contact sheet which contains clients. In this case, the header should be client contact sheet or any relevant words. With header, you can select and organize everything effectively.

Name or ID

The first part of this sheet is the section or column for the name or ID. You can use I’d, such as code, initial, or anything to refer certain people. The name can be complete name, nickname, or both.


The term contact is related to phone number. People ask your contact, and you give your number. This part will be side by side with the name or ID. One person or ID can have more than one number.


For casual communication, phone number and name are enough. However, you may have business, and knowing the client is necessary. Therefore, you should add the address or any related content.

Email and social media

Decades ago, people did not know why the email was necessary as contact. Today, you need to add email and phone number as equal content. In fact, email is mandatory for business communication and transaction. Moreover, social media is started to get priority as the same level as email.

Other details

Anything you need to know about clients will be in this section. This part can be the details about client information

Update and additional sections

You must have a section for update. It is temporary before you create the new sheet with the latest template.

Contact Sheet Template Formats

You can use spreadsheet for creating this sheet. If you need more style and layout, using contact sheet template is necessary. It saves your time for creating from beginning. Everything is already in place. You just pick the relevant style and sheet.


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